Tuesday, July 7, 2009

What the @#$%^&**!!???

So, I wake up late today, and as I'm having my breakfast, I suddenly remember the Pakistan-Sri Lanka test match, poised on a knife-edge (NOT!), and wonder if I can still catch the last few overs as Pakistan scores the winning runs for a well-deserved victory. I hope I'm not too late - after all, Pakistan needed only 97 runs to win with 8 wickets standing and could easily have raced to the target in the first session of play. I turn on the tv...

There's a slide announcing the upcoming matches. Ok, so I've missed it. Oh well. But wait: next to the 1st Test is written 'Sri Lanka Wins by 50 Runs'. WHAT THE F...?!?

We have not only LOST (!) a match that was almost signed, sealed and delivered (I am reminded of the smiling Aaqib Javed predicting an easy victory to Rameez Raja yesterday evening), but by FIFTY (!!!) runs??? You mean, we lost EIGHT wickets in the space of 46 runs??? You mean we did that without having Murali to bamboozle us? Or Malinga throwing vattas at us?

WHAT THE F...?!?


XYZ said...

I should've known Salman Butt had something to do with this...! Ok, it may seem unfair to single him out when you have the rest of the team to support him in the ridiculous (Misbah's runout springs to mind) but the man just gifted his wicket for no reason whatsoever and began the rot. What IS UP WITH THIS GUY?!

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