Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Arif Nizami's Termination Notice - Updated

So, here is the first update to my earlier post... just in case you thought I was making up the bitter tussle between chacha-bhateeja...

Here is the text of the notice sent out by Majeed Nizami to the staff of The Nation / Nawai Waqt:

Please note that the services of Mr Arif Nizami Editor of The Nation have been terminated with immediate effect.

You are informed not to deal with or to take any instructions from Mr Arif Nizami regarding the business of the newspaper of the company. The new Editor ie Ms Shireen Mazaari has taken charge from today and shall be responsible for the working of the newspapers.

(Majid Nizami)

Ooh. This is masala-time.

Update: Had missed this bit of live theatre, with Arif Nizami live on Aaj TV talking about how and why he was sacked. Thanks to khabardrama for pointing me in this direction... You don't need to watch the entire piece, it's only in the first few minutes. By the way, you can ignore Nusrat Javed's platitudes about the Nizamis, it's the kind of false crock that people come up with before they plunge in the knife... And that bit where Arif Nizami says that Majeed Nizami has become more self-centred and unable to hear opposing views with age... more crock, he's always been that way!


Anonymous said...

i totally agree with you...the old grouch has always been selfish ,self centered and an oppertunist!He was just USING nephew nizami untill adopted nizami was old enough(not necessarily qualified enough!)to come and enjoy the "spoils"( as you call it)of the empire!!The old man won a lottery in the early 1962,when his brother died suddenly leaving behind an ill widow and v young children.He got the Nawaiwaqt with all its "extras" in a golden tray!Do you know what he was doing at the time of his late great brother's death?He was trying to pass a law degree in london, which was obviously beyond his intelligence level,that he had failed a couple of times.He came running to acquire the spoils!!!who wouldnt??..but to be such a namak haraam...is beyond belief!!Good on the editorial staff that resigned in protest!!!

amin fazal sha said...

The old man has gone mad. If blind theft ever needed a definition Majeed Nizami's name would be very applicable. To repeat what he did in the 70's again, truly shows the man's character and his greed.
It is immensely sad to see that Hameed Nizami's bloodline is being eradicated from the establishment, which he built from his sweat and blood.
We support Mr. Arif Nizami in all his future endeavors and hope that the rightful successor for the Nawa-i-Waqt group is restored. We have always admired Mr. Arif Nizami's integrity and the journalistic ethics that he has employed over the years.
All our prayers and wishes are with him and his family

Anonymous said...

Very soon the old Nizami will realize that the looser he is relying on so much who is barely touching her 30s and will turn out to be such a flop. I believe it was her insecurities that have lead to this decision which is such a big blunder on her part as she will never ever be able to pull it off. If you are a star you will shine anywhere and Inshallah Arif Nizami will shine more now since the old man is not going to be there to cast shadows over his glory...

younis naeem said...

It is quite apparent that the concept of experience in the workplace seems irrelevant to the old man. The embarrassing failure of waqt news is a validation of this frame of mind. The only person who could have made the 'channel' work was never given the chance. Nevertheless he set up the infrastructure, which at the time he was conveniently asked to do as it was an impossible task for the old man let alone his inexperienced and highly incompetent daughter. But i guess even if Arif Nizami was given the chance to run it the old man would have subjected him to the same restrictions and red tape which he had become so accustomed to after doing it with both the papers for 40 years. Hameed nizami, the founder did not pass away in 1962, he passed away on 7th sept 09 after his own brother stabbed him in the back. It is only a matter of time that the rightful heirs will get justice.

sana khwaja said...

dear anonymous.let me correct you on the"looser's" age.she is barely 22 or 23!she was in school with me.and i am still studying for a degree in journalism!!But it doesnt really matter if she is nearly 30 or only 22.she will never be able to steal the respect that Mr.Arif Nizami holds in the eyes of millions and millions of pakistani readers all over the world!Even in school she was v mean and selfish and always got what she wanted by hook or by crook!
As for the older crook Majeed Nizami,my grandparents know him when he lived in Hameed Nizami's house on temple road.He was sent to uk to study a degree in law by his late brother.he never passed the degree though!
He is so deluded that now he lies on all public forums about being an imp part of the pakistan movement!If we believe his age by his own public admissions on public birthday celebrations, then he was barely 16 or 17 in the days of the movement!!He is a senile old man who prbably was so jealous of his own brother that he started beleiving he is Hameed Nizami himself!!!..but he has disgraced the name of his brother by his cowardly act of today!
when little miss muffit will come of age,she will also claim to have founded the nawaiwaqt and nation!!
Our best wishes are always there for Mr Arif Nizami and his entire family.
The wealth and material goods can be usurped but the respect that Mr Arif holds will always be only his!

Anonymous said...

Dear Boys and Girls,

To day I do not have the energy to reply to all my fan mail so I will tell you a story instead, however each and every one of your mails will be discusssed threadbare after all we are not going to be like MN as our Guru AN accused on Aaj TV , we are going to discuss everything threadbare and we do tolerate dissent and opposing opionions.

Our story begins in Sangla Hill a shanty little town near Faisalabad, whose only claim to fame was a small railway junction built by the British to haul stones from the quarry, in this town lived a quint little Shiekh sahib a cute little man with a cap and all, a religous man who owned a little shop selling home made soap, most of you would have not seen the big blocks of black and dirty yellow soap sold by the Kilo in villages but that was the soap available then, however this man who followed the Nizami sect had a a nice little home in which he raised his four boys Bashir, Hamid , Majeed and Khalil and a daughter named Talat.He loved his children dearly and when he returned home late at night from work he kissed them while they were sleeping. Because he believed in God strongly and hence named his two sons from the Koran (Hamid un Majid) God showered his mercy on him and one of his sons Hameed turned out to be a brilliant student, from this humble beginning
( please don't read me wrong I have nothing against humble beginnings and many famous people including Sharifs are from humble beginnings, its only when the Sharifs and the Young Nizamis start acting like Royality does one need to remind them of there roots.) The honourable Mr Hameed Nizami after little stints in jobs here and there detials of which you can find in Wikipedia started a small fortnightly newspaper called Nawa i Waqt which soon because of its quality and content became a daily newspaper, because in early days due to lack of resources and such Mr Nizami had to do most of the work of himself he comandeered the help of hisyounger brother Majeed who was still a student, they both did bulk of the work themselves and at end of the day Majeed the younger of the two would take the few hundred copies of Nawa i waqt on his bicycle and go to Beadon road and hawk them himself, if for some reason Majeed was not available then Mr Hameed Nizami would have to do this too. Because of his principled stand on all issues even to great personal loss,

Anonymous said...

I am tired today so I will copy paste from Wikipedia , I think it says it all very well
The year 1940 was something of a landmark in the life of Hameed Nizami when he launched his fortnightly paper called Nawa-i-Waqt from Lahore on March 23, 1940. He was elected President of the Punjab Muslim Student’s Federations for the second time in 1942. He was able to convert his fortnightly Nawa-i-Waqt into a Weekly, a newspaper with which his name will remain associated for ever. On December 15, 1942 the Nawa-i-Waqt became a Weekly. Later on, on July 19, 1944 it was converted into a daily paper. The daily Nawa-i-Waqt came out on July 22, 1944 with a prayer and a message of the Quaid-i-Azam. Hameed Nizami made Nawa-i-Waqt with all its limitations a powerful newspaper for the cause of Muslim League and the Pakistan Movement. He was a clear headed, methodical and devoted journalist. With these qualities he made himself a legend. He rendered a lofty service for the cause of Pakistan during the entire period of Pakistan Movement and, later, for the stability of Pakistan. He was a strong spokesman of democracy in the country.

In the meantime I had joined Nawa i Waqt at a princely sum of Rs 35 per month and my duties included carrying drafts from the office to Mr H Nizami's residence on temple road, Mr H Nizami had by this time become quite affluent and I remember seeing my first Kerosine run refrigator at his house, I also remember that he had a black Mercedes 1945 (I think) and a green Hillman and later Majeed brought a brown Vauxhall for him from England ( Hillman and Vauxhall by the way were brands of cars for those who don't know )

Sadly however he died very young and all the principles, virtues and journalist brilliance were buried with him in 1962.

Part 2 later

Anonymous said...

Who can remember when Shoaib Nizami slapped Majid Nizami and they went running to their Trustee to arbitrate the matter. If only Majid Nizami could be slapped again. Now I believe even that trustee has passed away and this usurper rules.