Saturday, October 31, 2009

Sleazebag Flippancy of the Day

I have to say I am almost speechless.

Was watching a long wrap up report today on Geo News about Hillary Clinton's visit to Pakistan and her various engagements while here. And suddenly, over images of her visiting the Bari Imam (or was it Data Darbar) shrine - where she laid a ceremonial chadar and then paid her respects by raising her hands in 'dua' - the correspondent's commentary went something like:

Hillary at Iqbal's tomb: Not what I'm talking about

'Hillary Clinton ke shauhar Bill Clinton ne unn se Monica Lewinsky aur doosron ke saath bewafaii ki thi...unhon ne dua ki hogi ke woh raah-e-raast pe rahein.'

[Hillary Clinton's husband Bill Clinton was unfaithful to her with Monica Lewinsky and others. She probably prayed for him to remain on the straight and narrow.]

I mean, this is a SERIOUS news channel? Can Geo get any more sleazy and flippant?

Can't we pray that Rah-e-Nijaat rid us of such reporting too?

Update 1:

Thanks to Huma Imtiaz's diligence, below is the full report as seen on Geo. The bit about Bari Imam is at around 5:02 but there's another bit of speculation about Hillary's thoughts at Iqbal's tomb right before as well. The exact words of the commentary were (sorry for the rough memories earlier):

"Hillary, jin ke shauhar Monica Lewinsky se dost ban kar biwi se baywafaii kar chuke hain, yahaan Hillary ne haath baandh kar kayi ke nazdeek apnay shauhar ki hamaisha raah-e-raast par rehnay ki dua ki."

[Hillary, whose husband was unfaithful to his wife by pretending to be friends with Monica Lewinsky, in the presence of many, clasped her hands together and prayed for him to forever remain on the straight and narrow.]


Anonymous said...

Here's the link for the report:

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Tazeen said...


this is beyond belief, she is the bloody foreign secretary of another country .. you just cant do that to her

ibteda said...

Oh My Gawwad! Had ho gayi! Though I am not totally surprised. I've known Geo to up with worse.

Nida said...

HAHAHA!!! That's freaking awesome!

Maria Tirmizi said...

This is hilarious, but there is something else that needs to be written about as well. Without naming any particular anchors (we all know who), the flamboyant display of 'I-showed-that-Hillary' attitude during the Clinton-journalist tête-à-tête was a little annoying.

Keeping aside US foreign policy and our legitimate domestic concerns, I wonder what impression Hillary developed when journalists used cheeky phrases like "trust me when I say this...", "Do you the figures? I will tell you the figures," and indulged in Dr Phil styled psychotherapy sessions posing as questions. I really think we need to get over our own sense of self-importance, as a nation.

Sajid said...

I think - it was an insightful comment - it was just another way of saying "we know this is meaningless protocol for you to pretend to do dua ... because your not muslim and these sufi saints don't really mean alot to you so actually raising your hands in dua is an insult to our traditions and our faith - we'd rather you showed your respect in another way" but they summed it up far more succinctly and inoffensively ... diplomatically.