Wednesday, November 25, 2009

The Nizami Full Court Press

Ah, this will probably most excite the hordes who flung (rather sleazy) mud at each other the last time we posted something about The Nation and the Nizamis duking it out. Seriously, we have never had as many comments on a post or as public a sharing of intimate bedroom details (I think anal sex was also featured at some point!), whether true or not. Now, the battle is rejoined.

Arif Nizami, the ex-editor of The Nation, who was booted out by uncle Majid Nizami and daughter Rameezah, and who has been revealing his general banality in columns in The News these days, has played his trump card and petitioned the Lahore High Court to wind up the company. On his side are heavyweights Aitzaz Ahsan and Abid Hasan Minto. You can find the reported details here.

If the petition is accepted, that would obviously be the end for The Nation as a paper. Shireen Mazari and her band of yahoos must be watching with at least a bit of nervousness.

Meanwhile, if for any reason you think that would be a bad thing, here's something to refresh your memory about the elder Nizami and the kind of paper he would like The Nation to be. Yes, the heading on that DOES read as follows: "We Must Be Ready To Fight Hindus, Says Nizami." I will quote the opening lines of the 8-column (!) story published in today's paper (bad English and all):

"LAHORE - Editor-in-Chief The Nation and Chairman Nazria Pakistan Trust Majid Nizami has said that we should remain well-prepared for war against Hindus as they were casting bad eye on Pakistan and our independence, which is a blessing of Allah."

All one can say to the elder Nizami is, dude, you've got "bad eye" on you from much closer quarters. Prepare for battle.

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Attorney said...

i think Majid nizami will lose this battle because his lawyer compared to those of arif's in a nobody!