Monday, October 4, 2010

Pakistani Protesters, Raise Your Game?

Some of you might already have seen this but, for me, the protest of the day award goes to…The NiqaBitches, two French students whose take on France’s decision to ban the burqa was unveiled in this story in The Telegraph.

What I liked about this provocative piece of visual drama is the fact that, unlike most protests, it made me think. My thoughts were, in chronological order, I’d really like to tan their hides (no seriously, these ladies need some sun) and those are SO the wrong shoes.


Anonymous said...

I disagree. There are no other shoes that could have been worn with this! BRILLIANT hahaha

reema said...

lol. this is fucking mental. love it!

Alpha Za said...

This shit is sick. I love it.

Where is the random anon nutjob commentor who usually comes in at this point and talks about the morals/Islam/more morals etc etc.

This thread seems incomplete with us amazed with the audacity and visual hottness of this.

Anon_for_a_good_reason said...

Sooo...French! Only shows how integrated they are to French culture..Hope a variant of this catch up as fashion..w/o facemask ofcourse which would be illegal under the law..