Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Straight Talk Continues from KK

I don't really know what's happened to Kamran Khan. Since that day, a couple of days after the Abbottabad raid, he has been more outspoken about the failures of our military establishment and the hypocrisy of our "strategic" security policies than he has probably ever been in his broadcasting career. It does make a nice change from the one-sided diatribes against civilian bungling that had allowed his programme to become extremely predictable and monotonous over the past year. (Lest this be misunderstood, I am not at all arguing that the ineffectiveness or corruption of civilian leaderships and bureaucracy should not be exposed. Only that in matters of security and on foreign policies regarding Kashmir, India, Afghanistan and the US there should be an equally fair assessment of the military which sets the tone, if not the entire agenda, of these issues. And also that the electronic media needs to provide some perspective to viewers when discussing the multiple crises of the Pakistani state - let's just say in the most understated manner that it's certainly not all the fault of the civilians who have been in partial control of this blighted country for less than half its existence).

In any case, whatever it is that has happened to Kamran Khan, I hope it continues.

Watch particularly from around 5:55 through to the end of the clip (from today's show Aaj Kamran Khan Ke Saath on Geo)...


Anonymous said...

This article gives some idea:

"What will happen next? As an eternal optimist, I think things will slowly get better after several years of civil war in which the state will be pitted against the very people it created and lionized not too long ago. While the initial phases of this civil war were fought while telling our own people that our enemies are Hindus and Jews and their uncircumcised agents in the tribal areas, this clever scheme will have to be abandoned because it is impossible to fight one set of jihadis while working with another set as friends and allies. They all see each other as friends and they can see (even if some people in GHQ cannot) that this war can only mean that the state is abandoning its jihadi dreams in exchange for membership of the capitalist globalized world led by Chimerica. To them, this means war and it means war to the finish. This would be a very hard war to fight even if we know what is going on; it an impossible war to fight when our own people don’t know who is fighting whom. Which is why the narrative will have to be altered and a start has already been made by the generally pro-army anchor, Kamran Khan. It will not be an easy job and there will be much resistance from within GHQ’s own propagandists, some of whom have such serious psychological issues with India that this realignment threatens to fry their fragile eggshell mind. But there is no choice. Slowly but surely, the times they are a changing…."

Anonymous said...

I can't believe my luck. After being hooked on Najam Sethi's brilliant show at 11 pm, we now have not one but two must-watch programmes following on the heels of one another on Geo after 10. Is this the end of the world?

hbpuri said...

The Admiral has a BMW 7 Series car, and 2 plots in Karachi worth 16-17 Crores! Wow, to be a Pakistani Admiral!!

Anonymous said...

Exactly! And now its the PNS Mehran raid further validating his point.
Check this:

Anonymous said...


Bohat dair ke Mehrbaan atey atey :P

Gabban said...
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XYZ said...

@Gabban: Your comment has been removed for sheer inappropriateness. Please keep your prayers in support of terrorism to yourself.

Gabban said...

XYZ saheb,

Inappropriateness ?! in support of terrorism ?!

Are you kidding me ??

Have you watched the mother weeping for her son in the above clip ?

Who do you think is blameworthy of this situation of the families and the nation ?

Those raiders of the Naval Base ?

I believe are the managers, present and past, of Army of Pakistan and ISI !

Presently, they are Gen. Kiyani and Gen. Pasha sahebs since they continue to play with persons of the elk of those who wrecked the Naval Base and single mindedly pursue wayward 'strategic' perceptions against the welfare of the people and betterment of the youth.

The Army of Pakistan and the ISI
are and have acting on their own; have no business to do what they are and have been doing resulting in miserly and grief to the civilians.

Saheb, you are a boss ... have a privilege to allow or expunge a comment ... however, you will loose sheen if you thoughtlessly condemn a comment.

No offence intended and without malice.

Shaan said...

Please all go through this page ..and you'll come to know more about the incident and the double game