Thursday, June 14, 2012

Just Some Of The King's Men and Women (Updated)

This has already taken social media and even many television stations by storm. I am placing this here mainly for the record.

Remember that 2-hour 'Dunya TV Special' yesterday where Meher Bokhari and Mubasher Lucman conducted a joint 'grilling' of property tycoon Malik Riaz, currently at the centre of what has been variously termed 'Bahriagate' and 'Familygate'? Well, here are the behind-the-scenes from that marathon that some conscientous soul at Dunya has put up on the net for all to see. You need to watch this if you haven't already, trust me. After this, only an idiot could possibly take Pakistan's 'investigative' television media seriously.

Part 1:

Part 2:

So, basically we find out the following things:

1. This was a total set-up of an interview, with planted questions.

2. Malik Riaz is not only told the questions before-hand, he is fed some of the answers too and prompted by the intrepid interviewers to say things he might have forgot to mention.

3. The Prime Minister's son Abdul Qadir Gilani is in the know and involved, as are the Sharif brothers in a slightly different way.

4. There are instructions from Dunya TV management 'not to interrupt' Malik Riaz, even if it means going over time. Obviously, Dunya TV is more beholden to him than anyone could have guessed.

5. There actually were plenty of ego-clashes between the Bokhari and Lucman, even more than what was visible on air yesterday, over how much time each was getting to ask their questions. At one point, Malik Riaz tries to placate them both by telling them that they should put aside their squabbles because this programme is a matter of life or death for him. Meher tells Lucman to "be professional." You are allowed to laugh.

6. Other than providing an unembarrassed and shameless platform to someone well known for buying off the media in the shape of a fake 'grilling', the main thrust of the interviewers is to clear their own names as people bought off by Malik Riaz by throwing up smokescreens of asking hard-hitting questions. "Do you want to clear our names here?" asks Bokhari of Lucman while trying to decide the schedule of questions.

I don't really think you're going to ever clear your names after this, Ms Bokhari and Mr Lucman. Same goes for Dunya TV and its politician owner Mian Aamir Mahmood for that matter.

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1. For those who cannot understand the Urdu, here is a good summary of the videos.

2. According to Dunya TV sources, Mubasher Lucman has either been 'suspended' or fired for saying during the show that he was being pressurised to do the show by Mian Aamir Mahmood and Malik Riaz.


Qasim Javed said...

Well said. They really are naked now. For those who are interested, here's a link showing which other notable anchors are sucking up to MR:

hassam said...

meher has never been a fan off luqman couple off years back in kashif abbasi show when asked which off the anchors she hated most she said mubashir luqman (btw this interview was before their engagement and all) and just for record kashif doesnt like hamid , neither does talat

Anonymous said...

How are the Sharif Brothers involved? I get that he talks about, and Maryum tries to clarify that Hamza was offered an armoured car by Malik Riaz but he declined 'politely', but the wording seems to suggest as if Sharifs are in-the-know of and involved in orchestrating the entire saga of Bahria/Family-Gate.

Shujauddin Qureshi said...

I totally disagree. Had you seen all such programmes in such a way you might have term all programmes the same. The person you call "conscientious soul" is actually a dishonest and crook person, who leaked the portion without any permission from his employer. It is sheer professional dishonesty by some planted person, who leaked all offline discussions. Dunya TV has recruited such people who might be from agencies and they are betraying their colleagues. It should be condemned instead of praising.

Nauman.Afzal.Zia said...

Guys! Mubasher Licman is out according to some news. Yes he was forced to do the show. And he said it in front of the camera. He is out. 90% confirmed.

Arsalan Mir said...

iss hammam mein saray bhokay nangay hain...

beena sarwar said...

Re: the comment above that the person who leaked this was possibly "from agencies" - that's always a possibility in Pakistan. But if all whistle-blowing was condemned as dismissed as "professional dishonesty", we wouldn't have Wikileaks. There's a general consensus, in the interest of freedom of information and democracy, that whistle-blowers who act in the public interest and expose corruption should be protected, not prosecuted.

Anonymous said...

@ Shujauddin Qureshi
You cannot be more mistaken.
In every law, and professional ethics, It illegal to hide corrupt/illegal practices. Infact if proven in court that a person witnessed a wrongdoing and did not report, it is considered a felony and is usually charged with "aiding and abetting".
Even doctors and psychatrists who may know very personal secrets of their patients are bound by law to report if their patient has or is about to commit a crime.

ReporterPakistani said...

Hahahahahaha so your idea of a "conscientous soul" of a journalist is the one who leaks off-the-record conversations???

I've been in the news media for 10 years now and I don't see how the off-the-record conversation here was any different from what usually happens.
I dislike both these anchors as much as you guys do, but you're being unfair here!

ReporterPakistani said...

And who defines 'public interest'? Geo TV?

Waleed Shah said...

Yep Ms./Mr. Ten years in media! we believe that a concious soul is the one who leaks the reality "be it off the record"! As far as geo is concerned, it is just another "media house" only bothered about TRP. Sadly our media doesn't truly represent us; never has and the way things are, it is safe to assume that it never will.

Every channel has this circus of anchors performing their respective acts, making a mickey out of people dumb enough or simple enough to believe that their show is nothing but a "show". So ya 10 years experienced in the media, here is to the person who leaked this video: HURRAY!

d3s0lator said...

i saw a behind the scenes where two journalists were scavenging for information in order to hunt for the next breaking news while trying to work together in eating the bits of whatever was given to them, the guest was using the forum for his own means ... opportunistic sure, not strictly ethical sure but ...just plain wrong ... so it seems no one has actually worked in the real world ever hmm.... guess that explains the woos and aaahhs after this "breaking news"

ReporterPakistani said...

Mr conscientous soul,
> "our media doesn't truly represent us"
- Sweety, who is 'us'? what is 'true representation'? why should the media 'truly represent' you?

Burn your century-old 'objective reporting' textbooks and get a life!

Shujauddin Qureshi said...

Giving sermons is quite easy and our bloggers and anchors are doing it very frequently and easily.
@Beena: Who is whistle blower in this case. Do you say the person who leaked the video is a whistle blower? I am sorry to say I am totally disappointed. We cannot do every crime in the name of "freedom of information."

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Anonymous said...

What we failed to note was that meher is continuously fighting with Lucman over questions. this doesnt happen in planted interviews. And i know mr lucman to the extent that he is v fond of name throwing to show his importance. Pls be rational, and objective in ur approach. kia geo n baaki channels dood ke dhulay hain?

Merchant said...


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Yentapishala said...

Malik, ISI are working together to undermine judiciary. Many columnists and anchors are on ISI payroll, (ISI ex officer admitted to SC under oath that they are getting upto 3 lakhs per month), besides many tv and newspapers are owned by tycoons who promote their own interests. Corruption is rampant to the highest level including son of Gilani and possibly CJ's son, though he might have been trapped and tempted by Malik and ISI by bribing him.