Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Wake Up, Stand Up, Stand Up For Your Fights

A hilarious post on "Sexy Islamism" by ex-DawnNews journalist Khawer Khan pointed me in the direction of this clip of designer Maria B. being interviewed on Samaa TV's Nai Rahain programme with host Nadia Jamil. You must watch too for a good time.

Here are some gems from Maria B.'s mouth:

On Why She Supports the lunatic Zaid Hamid (at 1:05):

"Because he doesn't stop you from anything!"

On Deciding Why She Won't Do Revealing Clothes Anymore (at 1:29):

"It's part of what my evolution is becoming [sic]."

On "Hate-Mongering" Critics of Zaid Hamid (at 2:19)

"He is a fakir, who teaches love"

(You can see some of that love on a previous post here btw)

On What 'Wake Up Pakistan' supremo Zaid Hamid's Ranting Is All About (at 2:52):

"This is a movement about tolerance, it's about love, about protectioning [sic] the minority."

Here's the sufi in his own words (do see the whole clip):

On How She Thinks Muslims Should Behave Towards Non-Muslims (at 6:32):

"Some people think that being religious and Islamic means ke you just going to... [treat non-Muslims with derision].. No! Those.. that Hindu can be a better person than you and higher in the scale of Allah [sic] than any one of those Muslims going around beating people up. So ye bilkul bhi mujhe koi na kahe (don't anyone say this to me).. just because you are Muslims you think you are superior, nobody is."

Aah, noble thoughts indeed. But then what do we make of this bit of humility from your mentor, wherein he claims 50 crore Indian Hindus are just itching to convert to Islam and that the next time Pakistan goes to war with India, Indian Hindus should be prepared to be massacred ("This time we will take no prisoners")?:

On How 'Wake Up Pakistan' Movement Is All About Diversity and Tolerance (at 7:45):

"Hum jab meeting kar rahe hotay hain, aik larki baithi hoti hai hijab mein, aik niqab mein, aik main baithi hoti hoon, aik Feeha Jamshed baithi hoti hai.. (When we have our meetings, there is one girl sitting in hijab, one in a niqab, I am sitting there and [TeeJays' designer] Feeha Jamshed is sitting there)... and we respect each other."

Like duh. So it is all about fashion statements, isn't it? By the way, what, no Ali Azmat at the meetings?

I don't know about you but I want to set up the "Wake Up Maria" movement.


Anonymous said...

It pains me to admit that I actually fell for Zaid Hamid’s bakwaas the first time I heard it because at the time, he wasn’t talking about Anti-hinduism or even the stupid Pak Radio stationed in Delhi and I really was feeling hopeless for Pakistan. However, watching just one more episode of his retarded show made me see reason.
It is because of people like Mr Hamid and Maria B (which I hope stands for BULL@#$%) here that Islam will always be on trial and because of him that Islam and extremism have become synonymous, the sooner his sexy Islamists realise this the better.

Anonymous said...

Fahad from Lahore: Can i marry you?

Prudent Bird said...

excuse me.. but Zaid Hamid is a true patriot!!
how does THAT offend u so much to write so much bull S***?? hmm???

Anonymous said...

@Prudent Bird

I will go ahead and quote a very wise philosopher of our generation and the way things are looking, one who will influence quiet a lot of people, to answer your question of why we question zaid hamid and why you blindly love zaid hamid.

"When we love someone with our heart, we become so blind that when we see that person far from perfection, even then we can not stop loving him/her...."

Anonymous said...

I think maria started the campaign with good intentions but zaid hamid basically hijacked it in the middle to propagate his own agenda. And now she is having hard time trying to deal with what majority (all the cool people ;) are saying about him. She needs to kick him out of the group (as soon as she can), take her bunch of kids and start doing something. Its about time ... enough speeches already!

Jaydev said...

Zaid Hamid & Hamid Gul are great PR for India to bash Pakistan in western media..especially since I think he is an ex-ISPR..
Just as much as Bal,Udhav & Raj Thackerey are useful for Pakistan. Cant we just swap these guys..
Ha Ha..
Bye the way, you got to give it to Zaid Hamid and Ahmed Qureshi with his American Accent..if the content of their conversation is removed..they look & sounds pretty sane and sensible..:-)

Jaydev said...

Please read about Indian counter-parts in the Swapan Das Gupta's article..

Kulsoom said...

Maza agaya :)

Very good post....thoroughly enjoyed......hey Maria B. and Zaid are also mentioned in a DAWN blog by Nadeem F. Paracha

hilarious read!!

adeel said...

Good god, that hate piece by Zaid Hamid deserves some Cannes level recognition. I hadn't watched him in a while, and can I dare say that my brain cells were in process of healing from the previous 1/2min exposure?!

In the words of Mohammad Hanif, "the man looks like a cross between an effeminate Che Guevara and Hafiz Saeed on acid." ( I just think Hanif needs to come with a stronger metaphor.

sepoy said...

Does Hamid Zaid do email? Anyone know?

Bolshevik said...

Prudent Bird: Define "patriot". Please.

Anon0503: Who's Fahad from Lahore?

Sepoy: I believe he does email, websites, talk shows... and cattle.