Monday, June 28, 2010

Conceptual Terrorism

Un-fucking-believable! Further proof, if any were needed, that morons are on the loose everywhere (via Gawker). Should make Pakistanis feel a little better about their elected parliamentary cretins.

This is US Representative Louis Gohmert, Republican Congressman from Texas, detailing the most ingenious terrorist plot against the US ever devised...

So, in a nutshell, Al Qaeda would impregnate young women, get them visas for the US in order for them to give birth in Amreeka so that their babies are American citizens, then bring them back to indoctrinate them for 20 to 30 years, and send them back to the US to destroy it? Tell you what: if terrorists are this long-sighted, visionary and ingenious, they deserve some genius grants.

Rep. Gohmert (by the way, this is the same guy who called Obama 'Hitler'), on the other hand, deserves a nice padded cell on an urgent basis.


pata nahin kia gund hai.. said...

if terrorists are such farsighted visionaries, then why fight them? they're going to win anyway.

Anonymous said...

a non Pakistani moron every once in a while helps in lifting the mood of self loathing you see everywhere. i think we Pakistanis are our own worst, severest critics.

You should highlight other countries' morons every now and then just to lighten the mood after a hard day's work.

My hero remains Turkmenistan's late president for life Niyazov who outlawed gold teeth and advised young people to chew bones for strengthening teeth, renamed calendar months after his family members, banned wearing make up on news tv and replaced physicians' hippocratic oath with an oath to the president. among other things.

We still have some way to go.

Muhammad Shahid said...

Turkemenbashias he like to be called, Niyazov renamed the days of the months after the names of his family members, banned beards, banned lip synching, ordered the construction of an ice palace and city of ice in the middle of the desert. His gold plated statue was constructed on a platform that rotated so that it faced the sun all the time. His authored spiritual guide "Ruhnama" became a compulsory read.

He turned the country into a theme park.

RJHouston said...

Rep. Gohmert is a Goober from Texas' hinterlands which is known for spawning idiots like him and Jim ( "I am sorry, BP") Barton.

TLW said...

Here's Louie Gohmert meeting with Alex Jones, the biggest bloviator of the "New World Order", our dear formerly (barely) sane rocker Ali Azmat's "area of expertise".

Props to the Rachel Maddow show for collating all this.

Now that I've tossed my to cents into this steaming pot of stewing stupidity, I need to ask the Cafe Pyala-Wallahs a minor question. Is this "The News" article where the Indian army is monitoring Pakistan's "successes" against the Taliban an intelligence plant?

Is the Indian military just doing its usual monitoring, or is it searching for where we effed up? Or is this story a pure plant?

Thanks Guys


XYZ said...

@Anon929: "...banned wearing make up on news tv..."

Even our mardood-e-momin, Ziaul Haq did that btw. The sight of a sans-make up Shaista Zaid meant that the directive was reversed after one day ;)

@TWL: It seems nothing more than the fertile imagination of our boys in khaki. Certainly just a plant. You know, PR and all that.

Janjua said...

and i'm surprized to see that u think Wikipedia as that "authentic" ??? :O