Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Headline of the Day

From today's The Nation, picture courtesy reader Saleem Shady...

Adds a whole new meaning to "chun chun kar botian" dena, wouldn't you say...? (Although it must be recalled that cricket coach Waqar Younis had also recently been quoted by AFP / Dawn as saying that he hoped "my bowlers come hard" on new Pakistani-origin Australian batsman Usman Khawaja. May be it's a Pakistani thing.)


Anonymous said...

Could be worse, could be CJ comes hard over agencies.

TLW said...

The jokes are cute, but I`m picking up on a minor case of self censorship in the Pakistani media. You can call it The Original Sin - III

After the attack on the Ahmedi masjid, there was an uptick of threats against Ahmedis. If people were even so insane as to pass out sweets to celebrate this attack, it wasn't even mentioned:

The passing out of sweets is mentioned at 1:52:
Pakistani Minorities Nervous After Ahmedi Mosque Attacks

Kinda shocking.

And yeah apparently there's a semi-master plan being cooked up to muzzle all electronic media:

Pakistan Poised to Vote on Restricting Media

So how do you reporters cope with so much bad news in one day?

Tilsim said...

Come hard... sounds like something I should say in polite company :)