Thursday, July 1, 2010

Judicial Positioning

Here's some more 'ah zat! addled yeah' for you.

The Chief Justice Lahore High Court Khwaja Sharif decided to take time out from his "35 to 37-year-old friendship with the Sharif brothers" - his own words - to give his opinion on the Pakistan Peoples Party's agitation against former Sindh Inspector General Police and fugitive from law Rana Maqbool's appointment as Prosecutor General in the Punjab Government (recall that Rana Maqbool is a proclaimed offender in a case in the Sindh High Court for allegedly torturing then inmate Asif Zardari).

According to various reports, the unbiased and independent judge announced at a public gathering of lawyers in Hafizabad:

"If someone cannot digest that, he should part ways with PML-N government in Punjab."

Good to know that, while Punjab Law Minister Rana Sanaullah's in London, someone's got the PML(N)'s back. I mean, if friends can't watch out for your interests, who can? Or dare we say it's a case of putting one's mouth where one's boti is?

If you can bear the incessant shouting and periodic forays into tangential party rhetoric from the participants, here's Samaa's Newsbeat tonight on the issue:

Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

Part 4


Tayyab Mahmood said...

Justice Khawaja Sharif should resign from his post. Judges should not comment on political issue of the country. It is against the norms of Judicial process…..and for people who says Judiciary is supporting Punjab aka PML-N then why their (7) member parliament disqualified from their seats and many more cases of PML-N are in the courts. Chief Minister Sindh says judiciary is targeting the Sindhis then why almost all (14) Member Parliament disqualified belong to Punjab.
Please think as Pakistanis. Who ever done any thing wrong should face the law, don’t pardon because of ethnicity except Constitution of Pakistan.

Details of Disqualified Member Parliament

14 parliamentarians belonging to different mainstream political parties had been so far disqualified during the current political tenure, with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz at the top. Out of 14 parliamentarians disqualified for holding fake degrees seven were from PML-N, four from Pakistan Muslim League (Quaid-e-Azam) and three from ruling Pakistan Peoples Party. Seven disqualified Parliamentarians belong to PML-N included Haji Mudassir Qayyum Nahra from NA-100 (Gujranawala), Haji Pervaiz from NA-55 (Rawalpindi), and Javed Husanin Shah from NA-68 (Sahiwal- Sargodha), Rana Mubashir Iqbal from PP-160, Rizwan Gill from PP-34, Meer Badshah Khan Qaisrani from PP-240, Haji Nasir Mehmood from PP-111 and with Yasir Raza's disqualification, the number has reached to eight. On the other hand, four disqualified Parliamentarians belong to PML-Q included: Nazir Jutt from NA-167 (Vehari) and Naghma Mushtaq from PP-206 (Multan), Mian Ajmal Asif PP-63 (Faisalabad), and Muhammad Azam Chailla Sial from PP-82. Similarly, three disqualified parliamentarians belong to PPP included: Jamshed Dasti from NA-178, Hayyatullah Tareen from NA-155, and Allah Wasaya Chunnu Khan from PP-259 (Muzaffar Garh).

Tilsim said...

@ Tayyab Mahmood

I agree, we Pakistanis love to jump to conclusions rather than making the effort of a reasoned analysis of the situation. Thanks for the reminder. It's a complex situation. However the present Chief Justice has said some real howlers which betrays his mindset. I accept the point that this may not be reflective of the Court as a whole but as a whole I see certain trends in the change in the character of our Judiciary which reflect the efforts of Islamists.

fatima-ahtesham said...

I Agree with Tayyab he is right hope for best

samad said...

OH GOD! like honestly? are we still shitting our brains out for justice lorha sharif? sala chootiya. ABEY KHWAJA!! APNI GAAND KHAA LE!!