Friday, October 7, 2011

Geo Does Women Empowerment, Kinda

You know how, sometimes, you want to write a post on something big and important but then along comes something trivial but so funny that it's hard to pass up? Well, that's what I feel right now.

See the following ad featured on the back page of The News today, featuring a line up of Geo TV's drama serials for the week:

Geo TV ad in The News today

Read the descriptions of the storylines. In the interest of easy reading, I am reproducing them verbatim below (my favourite has to be #4):

1. Is woman made to sacrifice herself on man's desire?
2. Is a woman so useless that she can be kept and left on one's own wish?
3. Does a widow have the right to remarry?
4. Helpless woman with limited options.
5. Is it really hard to believe a woman?
6. Is a woman born only to be used?
7. Is woman so weak that any man can shake her existence?

What a rollicking week of entertainment to look forward to. Or could one say that the success of the relentlessly misery-focused Bol has gone to Geo's head?


mcphisto said...

Hey! Don't knock on Bol. If Ramesh Sippy says that he wishes he could have made a film like this, it must be good.


Anonymous said...

salute to the creative writer, translater rather and the creative manager for this presentation....what a waste of resources...dont they have anybody to

Anonymous said...

If possible please do a piece on the whole series. Would love to know whether they actually manage to address some of those issues (am not in Pakistan). Thanks!

I Am So Totally Me said...

Hahahah! Read that in The News and couldn't stop myself from getting the laughter fits. WHAT EXACTLY WERE THEY THINKING. I know they're dealing with social issues and all but way to go with the cheap publicity.

Forbidden Fruit said...

The simple fact is.. women love to watch emo stuff!