Monday, January 9, 2012

PTI Gets, Like Totally, Pwned

I was never very fond of former DawnNews morning show and current TVOne anchor Faisal Qureshi - he currently hosts the show Bang-e-Dara on the latter. For some reason his style of speaking seemed a bit too smarmy for my tastes, which I realize is purely a subjective, personal reaction. But I have to admit I have a new-found respect for him now. Heck, he's my new television hero.

Watch him take down Pakistan Tehrik-e-Insaf's Dr Awab Alvi after the PTI jalsa in Karachi on December 25. I think this is what the word 'merciless' was originally coined for. And the best thing is, Qureshi does it with simple substantiated facts and no recourse to grand sweeps of emotive logic (yes, those critiquing PTI are also prone to it as much as PTI supporters). By the end Dr Alvi is forced to concede that he never wants to match wits with Qureshi again. A must watch!


Anonymous said...

I hate this Faisal Kapadia guy.

This is drawing room discussions now on the internet. Yeh hain parhay likhay log :)

Yawar said...

Excellent! And you know what. PTI is going to face more of such scathing stuff from the media because of the way its fans on Twitter and fb have gone on a rampage insulting and abusing anyone who even raises an eyebrow against their leader.

Sorry to say, but they are little fascists. Worse than even the Jamaties. Well done FQ.

a pakistani said...

wow. i'm a FQ fan after this.

Akhtar Rind said...

Here is the start. PTI have to face real criticism and as its part of democracy and they don't know this fact. The way PTI trolls behave on social networking websites is totally condemnable. FQ did great job. From today following him on Twitter.
Dear Pyalas thank you very much for digging up this golden video.

Usman Faz said...

F.Qureshi did raise some valid points & questions during the discussion, but the credit to this overnight transformation into a hero goes to lack of debating skills on Dr.Awab's part (sorry Mr.Awab). It is unfortunate that a lot people associated with PTI are a failure at defending PTI (read IK) statements/policies. Their affliation is perhaps more of emotional and optimistic kind.

However, in reply to Mr.Qureshi accussations/reservations on PTI,i would state that since 15 years IK has been patient & steadfast in political stance,mainly on the issues of strengthening institutions & corruption control in Pakistan. Though after Lahore Jalsa for any reason he has gotten desperate to wipe out the opponents yet has not compromised on the slogans.

Why can't his critics understand, that its fair to capitilize on success, and he is doing the same, afterall its politics. The announcement of Sardar Asif was directed to demoralize the political opponents PPP/PMLN rather than getting a cheer from the crowd. Presence of Javed Hashmi was already a moral boaster for the crowds, they didn't need any further names then. As for the induction of huge number of ex-politicians, it is merely an indication of pragmatism in political field. Earlier he was criticized for being too idealist and simplistic.In Pakistan with so much diversity and petty conflicts in the air it is nearly impossible to gather all people on one platform. There are regional political stalwarts already available to add as catalyst to success chances & increase the vote bank of the party in respected regions. Don't forget we don't have a mature political youth & in such case brining up youth leadership can be devastating. It is still better to choose from the experienced & resourceful lot, like any successful company.
Moreover, all these politicians are joining PTI under PTI terms not vice versa.

In my opinion, change in Pakistan will always occur in top to bottom fashion. And for going to the top pragmatic politics will yield results unlike staying idealist.

Anonymous said...

I agree, was never a Faisal Qureshi fan. But Pwned is right! Have a feeling that he pulled his punches too. MQM isn't even the most unsavoury of the lot. FQ should have brought up Sipah Sahaba, Jamaat-ud-Dawa and other such assorted PTI friends (as reported by Express Tribune):

Hassan Ali Khan said...

Finally, glad to see a sensible discussion. We should encourage 'no sacred cow' talk shows. It's heartening to see all the participants talking logically and not losing their cool. I am not a fan of IK but I could not have argued better than FQ- impressive!

PTIfacts said...

Don't be disheartened fellow Imran Khan supporters (including Mr. Alvi), Qureshi was just a better debator.

That said:

I have a pet peeve with active civil society members who are criticizing Imran Khan's politics today instead of stepping up and contributing (Faisal Qureshi being an example of said group).

Whether you like his politics or not, Imran Khan's vision for Pakistan is a noble and largely progressive one. That said, IK needs a strong team to achieve many of his goals. Ironically, the number one critique of accomplished civil society members who are sitting on the sidelines is: his team lacks the necessary vigor and resume to bring the change that Imran wants to see (or worse, these people will become a hindrance as Imran sets out to achieve his goals). At the same time, these civil society members are excluding themselves for a one-time-in-30-year event when people have gravitated to an anti-status-quo voice. Rather than step up and offer ideas, join the team, contribute etc (even if, on their own terms) - they criticize the opportunists who do.

The hand dealt to Imran Khan, the field from which he must choose is rotten and it will remain so until people like Faisal Qureshi (Farzana Bari and others) put aside their egos and assist one of the few political individuals whose credibility is undoubtable, whose charisma (whether you like it or not) is going to pull people to the voting booth in droves.

Imran Khan has a big test ahead of himself. As his politics today implies, IK is going to give it a shot with the field that is available right now. More likely than not, some of those individuals who are joining the party will prove to be a liability...and PTI, more likely than not, will fail (as much as I and other hopeful Pakistanis wish otherwise).

However, without individuals like Faisal Qureshi and others like him stepping up, PTI will certainly fail.

How will that certain failure sit in the conscience of naysayers like Qureshi? Opportunists like the Sardar Assefs, Azam Swatis, Kasuris, etc are picking up the phone and signing up while educated people on the blogosphere, analysts, civil society activists are sitting on the sidelines and whining about opportunists guessed it, opportunists.


salar maiwand said...

I think your enthusiastic praise of FQ is misplaced. I think its alvi who is entirely unprepared. FQ didn't ask anything new, it is the same old criticism of PTI and alvi surprisingly had no answers.
Besides, don't use hyperboles pls. if a single talk show can make him a hero than what would you call a real hero.
Disclaimer: I won't vote for PTI whose leader has a beard in his stomach.

Anonymous said...

I think the PTI movement can do very well without people like Faisal Qureshi.

Qureshi might appear to be smart here but he knows he hasn't got the will to actually step out in the street add to any sort of movement for change, against the ruling forces. He's never done so in the past, and we will never do it in the future. Mostly because he thinks too much of himself and that he's not the center of it. He's against protesting of any sort and that is a very well known fact. He is the quintessential Pakistani cynic who wants to see his biases against this country flourish, by being a discouraging force for those who want to do something for this country.

He uses his media-person persona to feign a concern for the society when all he does is 'drawing room' talk about issues, run his small software house and go to sleep tweeting about the imported chocolates he having. None, I repeat none, of his shows have had a substantial affect on the Pakistani society and that is the sad truth he has yet to realize. His views on the role of military and MQM in Karachi are shocking – you don’t want to hear them. He readily supports a larger role of the Army in the state. His qualm with PTI, PTI supporters and people like Awab Alvi did not start recently for their open opposition to Zardari or the ruling PPP, but it dates back to the days of Musharraf’s quasi-economy when 'entrepreneurs' like him moved to Pakistan to support a dictator. Awab ran a successful online and offline campaign to restore the blogs and the internet during the Musharraf era, a move that was actively disliked by the likes of Qureshi. Awab is a great activit, and Faisal is just another cynic we can very well do without.

Having said all that I am not a PTI supporter but I do enjoy political debates as a neutral. However I will also support those that do more than just talk. Awab here was poorly prepared – he holds his friends with too much respect. There are ways of handling a debate to suit the objectives the person has, as done by Faisal here, and it doesn’t necessarily have to be logical all the time. Politics is worse than kind of any cut-throat business out there.

I have a feeling this comment won't make it beyond the moderators.

PTIfacts said...

Truth be told, I don't know much about FQ (though I have heard he undertakes various initiatives to effect change at some level..but then again, Pakistan mein fraudion ki kami nai hai)...but my point largely remains in place. Those who have been working for a better Pakistan, should be stepping up in droves..if IK is willing to induct the likes of supposed opportunists, what would he have against genuinely hard working people who have actually effected change (or have the desire to effect change). These individuals should not be sitting on the sidelines at this moment.

(will respond to some of the other points raised above later)

Anonymous said...

I can't understand why FQ isn't a part of the PTI. He is anti-politician, he employs simplistic polemics on how no one wants the good of the country. He was pro-Musharraf, he still is for the army's role in politics.
On his shows he is rude, ok not Mubasher Lucman level rude, but rude nonetheless to politicians without hearing them out. He is also in love with the sound of his voice.
Here, though he made several good points against Alvi, it was clear that he was also bullying him. On several instances, he was being childish, sophistic and nitpicking. One of his first points was about not paying respects to Mazar-e-Quaid.
He is no hero. Pyala should pick up its standards. I oppose IK like the rest of 'em and I also find the emotion-heavy anti-PTI opinions are dragging us down. But FQ is no hero.

Anonymous said...

Haan, FQ Musharraf ka pithu hai! He must have seen how 'great' the jalsa was on the 8th.

Anonymous said...

I have to say this was as much about Alvi's complete inability to argue as it was about FQ's badassery.

Qasim said...

This is pretty lame.

Arif Alvi is a member of PTI, and his son's mild-natured inability to debate with a seasoned TV show host means PTI gets "pwned"?

What's next? PPP getting blacklisted throughout the nation because Babar Awan's son threw a sissy fit? PML-N gets shamed so bad that it won't even contest elections anymore, because Ayaz Amir's children can't tap-dance without embarrassing themselves?

LAME sensationalism. There's ample real news going on, how about focusing on that sometime?

Saad Javed said...

faisal qureshi's motto: na khud sahi kam karun ga na kisi ko krne dun ga.

Anonymous said...

Excellent take by FQ! I am not a fan but he did tore Awab a new one! And the best part is, FQ didnt have to state the obvious (PTI's lap dance to the establishment). He kept it extremely simple by sticking to PTI's self proclaimed principles & (post October) actions.

Ahmed Zulfiqar said...

This is almost a word for word debate that I have with my PTI supporter friends, although perhaps not as emotive as FQ. Dr. Alvi exhibits the traits of the typical PTI supporter, unwilling to admit their party's faults and touting IK as some sort of farishta, and in the end badly embarrassed and floundering all over the place. Thank you for sharing CP, was a brilliant watch!

Unknown said...

I agree with the contributors who noted that Alvi had absolutely zero skill as a debater and less to do with FQ's wiles and ways.

Anyone with half a mind and a little bit of wit would have been able to lock horns with FQ.

TLW said...

Left pay Aafia Siddiqui Right Pay Woh Shaks Jiss nay Aafia Siddiqui Koh Hand Over Kiya

HAHAHA! I literally doubled over with laughter! I had to stop what I was doing and gather myself. Oh the irony! And the lack of PTI bacha's of either irony or a grasp on political facts!

That line was enough for the taking of Awab Alvi and his PTI bacha brigade.

Left pay Aafia Siddiqui Right Pay Woh Shaks Jiss nay Aafia Siddiqui Koh Hand Over Kiya


Sh. Saeedullah said...

Agreed that Alvi was weak but I guess that was more due to the agressive and one sided spiel than the weakness on the part of Alvi. Rather Alvi was too decent, I guess. And Qureshi was not at all impressive rather too indecent. This is not at all a way to discuss a serious issue. Let these drawingroom guys criticise PTI, I think IK is doing the right thing by inducting experience.

Anonymous said...

Very well said by both the Faisal's. I agree completely -- PTI needs to acknowledge that it is no longer a party that stands for change. Like ALL OTHER political parties, it is in it for the power and is ready to make ALL kinds of deals to get that. As Faisal Quereshi said,"agar politician hi chahey tu Asif Zardari sey behtar kon hai?"

Citizen X said...

Faisal Qureshi is Annoying