Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Um...Is That Who We Think It Is? (Updated)

Some new evidence has come to light related to 'Memogate' that we think should be placed in front of the Commission investigating whether any crime was committed and if there is enough evidence to charge former Pakistan ambassador Husain Haqqani for it... Hey, with Blackberry's parent company RIM dilly-dallying about handing over crucial data, might as well go with whatever evidence you can scrounge...

The bit we're focusing on begins around the 02:45 mark... Thanks to @shehryar69 via @shahidsaeed for it. Enjoy:

: : : Update : : : 

This old video seems to have really caught the public imagination (how could it not!). And has also led to Mr Mansoor Ijaz confirming to the Associated Press (AP) that it is in fact him in the 2004 video. Of course he thinks it's been publicised at the behest of his current nemesis Mr Husain Haqqani in order to discredit him, which fits in perfectly with our earlier assessment of what ails him. We would just like to assure him that we do not have Mr Haqqani goading us on and neither do, we think, any of the people on Twitter who first discovered and shared the video out of a love for, ahem, house music. We would like to admit that we did find it - and him in it - really funny.

Even funnier, however, are the statements being made in earnest by him and on his behalf. Particularly upset about the uncensored version of the video - which reveals all - we have Ijaz telling AP:

"I was never present for any part of the video where those naked girls were shown."

That's the equivalent of Bill Clinton saying that when he smoked marijuana in his younger days, he didn't inhale. Hey, dude, what's the problem even if you were there? Apparently this:

"Ijaz provided the AP with 2004 email correspondence between him and the producer of the video in which he threatens legal action unless the producer removes him from the clip that contains nudity. "Given my political and public profile in the United States and around the world, it is impossible for me to appear in any part of any video clip with nudity of any type," he wrote. He included a reply from the producer, who assured Ijaz he would cut his role from the X-rated version and remove it from the Internet."

Oops. (And boy, talk about being anal about emails!)

Since he's so adamant about not ever being around any nude people, here's a 'Making Of' video of the video (thanks to @Rezhasan). We'll let you judge for yourselves.

Our favourite quote, however, comes from the loquacious Akram Sheikh, Mr Ijaz's lawyer in Pakistan:

"So what if my client has been dancing on the Internet," said Sheikh. "What difference does that make?" 
Now that's what we call fighting wrestling spirit.


humanity hating extremist said...

jewish/hindu/american/christian conspiracy. I am so angry. poof! I just exploded at the bottom with anger.

zank said...

Oh dismissed right there. Haqqani is in the clear.

In light of the importance of the evidence, if it pleases the court we would like to play this video again...and again..l

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Anonymous said...

All for the frivolous, but could we also talk about this brave reporter who has been silenced by the Taliban.

Veena Malik said...

May be he is mansoor ijaz, I am in doubt.
But even if he is, we can't say that Court can't hear this case. This case should be solved. And if Haqqani is innocent, there will be no harm to him.

Anonymous said...

And here is one starring Haqqani :)

Pakistan Politics said...

So what does that have to do with our Memo-Gate?

He could have done anything in the PAST, but does it prove that Mr. Ijaz and Haqqani weren't connected on BBM and didn't delivered that Memo?

Let's our Supreme Court do the case :)

Salman Latif said...

With another video of a 'munni badnaam huwi' dance in front of High court bar association lawyers, we cant rest assured that the corridors of law will, at best, be amused at this 'hard work' by Mansur Ijaz.

Mansoor Ijaz Supporter said...

I had my doubts about this mansoor ijaz guy but after seeing this video I completely support him.

TLW said...

Wow. This is nutty.

And I now guess it's legitimate to post pornographic, or near pornographic material on Pakistani blogs?

But seriously, this whole memo saga has taken a turn for the worse and weird. And the players have just deepened the extent of sleaziness they exuded.

Zohaib said...

Dear everybody, you have to understand the culture of the country where mansoor ijaz lives in. A video like this is absolutely OK in US. Our case is memo issue which as mentioned above has to be proven by the court and this video has nothing to do with it.

In addition, e.g. if this video is taken to be true, 1) what has it got to do with memo? 2) How would this video help in denying the BBM proof etc. 3) If Haqqani has done nothing wrong why is he in a buncker?

So please let the court decide, and do not get carried away with any propaganda.

Anonymous said...

why r v more concerned with manssor ijaz's past n his doings he is a witness good or bad let him prove what he claims

AK said...

cant believe the pyala ppl would stoop so low and do this kind of ' news spreading', you guys are not journilsts of even the lowest standard.
What has this got to do with memo case?
i do not support mansoor ijaz or haqqani but this post of yours has made me think, i never want to visit your blog again
cheap news, why dont you contribute your intelligent analysis or digging crap to roz nama jawani or something
really disappointed, what a waste

observer said...

Sleeze is as sleeze does.
And all those saying 'So What'? Do remember the Supreme Court is very keen on Article 62 of the constitution. Will Mr Izaj pass the test?

Tania said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!! i LOVE IT!! power to the brown ppl!!!! and i also like mansoor ijaz now hahhaha i think its fantastic!! although i do think the video is degrading (haha seriously - thats my feminist side)

Tania said...

if he is saying he was never presen t around "naked women," why did he have to email the producer to edit the scene out? i wonder how MI was "discovered" (for this video i mean) how did the producers decide to put him in for this part?? he is looking like such a pro!

Anonymous said...

yaar isn't it interesting kah one side people oppose article 63 about amin and diyanatdaar and etc etc and one the second end they are using this video for showing this person's ethical values! mera pakistan mahaan!

Anonymous said...

but on the other hand*

Anonymous said...

I am also among those who said 'so what'. Every one has his/her own kicks. Haqqani never hides his love for sex; and his bosses, Zardari and gilani too are in the same league, do you want some stories (no video clips, sorry!). I may also send you some better wrestling clips that would assure you million hits.

Anonymous said...

Mansoor Ijaz is an American. He was born in America, grew up in America, studied in America and lived in America. Is this the worst Zardari & Co. have been able to come out with against him? Even Bilawal Zardari has more risque videos on youtube

Sheikh Chillis said...

Let's say we have a wealthy Pakistani who openly enjoys his wine, women and song... has it in for the Pakistani Army and would like nothing better than to see our defense cut to size. Now which political party would you put such a man in ?. Jamaat-e-Islami ?. PML-N ?. PTI ?. No, not the PPP!. Why... I... never!. :)

This so-called 'smear campaign', only manages to further underscore and highlight the natural, political, ideological, strong kinship that Mansoor Ijaz shares with the PPP. It's like a match made in Hell.

As for Mansoor Ijaz' claim about not being there for the nudie scenes. The guy has a point which can easily be substantiated with the last video. Notice @ 06:06 when the girls start taking off their clothes, it has become a "closed set". All the public has disappeared around the ring, along with Mansoor Ijaz.

The guy is telling the truth. As usual. Dangit. But please, don't hold that against brother Ijaz.

As for cpyala, I just think he wanted an opportunity to insert some masala on these dried-up pages. High Five!.

For the record, Nasty-Nasty for the win.

Anonymous said...

What has article 62 to do with MI. He is not a citizen of Pakistan. Please keep things in perspective.

Anonymous said...

Some new evidence has come to light related to 'Memogate' that we think should be placed in front of the Commission investigating whether any crime was committed and if there is enough evidence to charge former Pakistan ambassador Husain Haqqani for it... Hey, with Blackberry's parent company RIM dilly-dallying about handing over crucial data, might as well go with whatever evidence you can scrounge...good past plz post as some oyher

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