Tuesday, April 21, 2009

Zardari-Gilani: Action Men for Adnan Sami?

The Daily Times seems to revel in the bizarre. Here's the latest:

Adnan Sami informs Zardari, Gilani of threats

LAHORE: Entertainer Adnan Sami Khan has told the Indian press he phoned President Asif Ali Zardari and Prime Minister Yousaf Raza Gilani after allegedly receiving death threats in Mumbai on Thursday. “They had to be told,” he said, adding, “If something happens to me, I don’t want the wrong people to be accused.” According to Adnan, the death threats began at 9:30am and he got one every half hour after that. “The caller named the person on whose behalf he was calling and warned me to lay off... or face the consequences.” Adnan said he had promptly informed the Mumbai police and his security was beefed up. “But I don’t feel safe any longer,” Adnan said. “I feel everyone close to me is now in danger. So, I’m asking my family and friends to stay as far away from me as much as possible.” daily times monitor

Now, let me get this straight. Adnan Sami, the man who apparently renounced Pakistani citizenship, who now has Canadian citizenship and whose application for Indian citizenship is still in process, has called up who for help? Maybe I'm just out of it but what exactly are Zardari and Gilani supposed to do? One doesn't leave his official house for fear of being killed, the other just helped hand over a whole division of Pakistan to armed miitants. If it's anything other than issuing meaningless and ineffective platitudes, Adnan Sami is sure barking up the wrong tree.


Adnan Sami said...

You idiot! He NEVER renounced his paki citizenship n get ur facts rite!!!!!!!!

CPM said...

Dear Mr. Sami,

why don't you enlighten us about the facts then? I think XYZ may have assumed that you have to renounce Pakistani citizenship to apply for an Indian citizenship. Of course he may be wrong. Personally, I don't believe a word that's printed in the Indian media about Pakistani or Canadian-Pakistani celebrities.

I would also like to know very much why you write about yourself in the third person.