Thursday, April 30, 2009

Pakistan in the Eye of the Pig, Again

A case of swine flu?

 I knew this was coming... Please check out the following bit from an AP report about Swine Flu:

Medical detectives have not pinpointed where the outbreak began. Scientists believe that somewhere in the world, months or even a year ago, a pig virus jumped to a human and mutated, and has been spreading between humans ever since.

China has gone on a rhetorical offensive to squash any suggestion it's the source of the swine flu after some Mexican officials were quoted in media reports in the past week saying the virus came from Asia and the governor of Mexico's Veracruz state was quoted as saying the virus specifically came from China.

One of the deaths in Mexico directly attributed to swine flu was that of a Bangladeshi immigrant, said Mexico's chief epidemiologist Miguel Angel Lezana.


Lezana said the unnamed Bangladeshi had lived in Mexico for six months and was recently visited by a brother who arrived from Bangladesh or Pakistan and was reportedly ill. The brother has left Mexico and his whereabouts are unknown, Lezana said. He suggested the brother could have brought the virus from Pakistan or Bangladesh.

Oh COME ON! Is there anything bad in the world that is not the fault of Pakistan?! And of all things, SWINE flu?? If there is anything that will get Pakistanis' goat, it is being associated with a flu named after pigs! I know there are a lot of suar ke bachay in Pakistan but this is really beggaring belief!

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