Thursday, June 11, 2009

Blew Me Away

I almost spilled my morning tea and toast when I feasted my eyes on this in this morning's Dawn. I mean, you know you're in some deep, deep shit when your local newspaper casually carries advertising like this, right next to yesterday's obituary notices (!). I mean, this could have been an ad for Head & Shoulders shampoo or Jafferjee's leather wallets for chrissake!

I could imagine myself at the check-out counter of the local supermarket, with the clerk zapping my purchases through as he calls them: "One dozen eggs (beep), Dawn Bread (beep), Very Berry shampoo (beep), bullet-proof vest (beep), 4 packets of Maggi Noodles (beep, beep, beep, beep), toothpaste (beep), one bomb suppression blanket (beep), two pairs of socks (beep, beep), one packet of Lay's chips (beep)... anything else, sir?"

I wonder if Deepak Perwani will get into making designer bomb disposal suits.

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