Sunday, June 21, 2009

Guv, actually

Okay, so Salmaan Taseer owns the Daily Times. If you had any doubts on that count you could do worse than check out this week's Sunday magazine.

Let's see now. On the cover is the dashing Shehryar Taseer modelling the diamond encrusted cuff links created by sister Sara Taseer Shoaib. Wow. Two incredibly talented Taseers spread across eight sensational colour pages of dad's paper.
If that does not quench your Taseer thirst, you can check out a hymn to governor daddy by the same daughter in the Father's Day special (cousin/aunt Salima waxes lyrical over her rather more illustrious dad on the same page, incidentally). Then a second daughter, Shehrbano Taseer, makes an appearance discussing (wait for it) her father on the very next page.

And just when you thought you have had enough, those blasted cuff links make yet another appearance in the section devoted to gift ideas for Father's Day. And lest we forget, Ms Taseer Shoaib is back again with an ad for her jewellery spread over two colour pages.
Did not have the stomach to check out the society pics for traces of more lurking Taseers. Can you spot any? Or has the notoriously reclusive and publicity-shy family magnanimously kept out of the roving camera's way this week lest some jealous so and so falsely accuse them of overkill? Now why on earth would anyone do that?


Anonymous said...

I propose that 'Sunday' be renamed 'Salmaan', so as to avoid further confusion.

Haider Ali said...

LoL! :) Is this Salmaan Taseer exerting shameless self promotion or Najam Sethi exerting shameless sucking up?

Anonymous said...

Salmaan. Now that's a catchy name! Anyone interested in signing a petition or starting a campaign on facebook pleading for a name change? (Last week's edition, though, should have been called Son-day).
Haider Ali's comment is most pertinent too and opens up a whole new discussion: is it the seth or the Sethi?

Haider Ali said...

"Seth or the Sethi"... hahahaha! The sequel could be "Son Wars: The Revenge of the Sethi"... :)

Faisal said...

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XYZ said...

@Faisal: Good idea. Activated it. Hopefully it should work!