Friday, August 6, 2010

Did Jemima Let The Cat Out?

Hmmmm. Please have a look at what Jemima Khan recently Tweet-ed (thanks to emailer MissingRomance who alerted us to it):

"I now travel with 3 ipods in place of children- my two boys and my teenage stepdaughter en route to Spain for a week."

7:28 PM Aug 3rd via UberTwitter

Could the "teenage stepdaughter" be anyone other than Tyrian Jade, Imran Khan's always-denied child with the recently deceased Sita White? Unless, of course, there's something about Jemima's past we are not aware of.

Interesting that while politician Imran Khan continues to deny fathering any children other than his two sons with Jemima, his ex-wife seems to be a better human being than him.

Just to clarify things for those who are sure to go into paroxysms of morality about this, personally I don't think it is anyone's business if Imran Khan does have a child from outside marriage. But if he does and has been denying this only out of political hypocrisy (mainly because he positions himself as the irreproachable flag-bearer of Islam), then it does become other people's business.

Hmmmm. Perhaps Imran can leave the matter up to the tribal jirga system to adjudicate.

::: UPDATE 1:::

Reader Nadir Hassan has pointed me towards this link of the news of Imran Khan announcing that he and Jemima had, on the request of Sita White before her death, taken Tyrian Jade into their guardianship. Of course, it still doesn't explain why a guardian would call her charge, her step-daughter. But there you go.

::: UPDATE 2 :::

Now another reader Shahid Saeed points out that Imran had denied even becoming Tyrian's guardian to Daily Times' former Washington correspondent Khalid Hasan. Oh boy. This story is more tortuous than Imran Khan's political convictions. Point remains however that Jemima referred to a hitherto unacknowledged step-daughter.


Huma said...

Actually, Christopher Sandford's biography of Imran Khan mentions the daughter in detail - Jemima is officially her guardian after White's death.

Mackers said...

Man oh man, I think after this Imran bhai will have to immediately unfollow Jemima on twitter.

Funny thing is, that speech where he called Babar Ghauri the N word, looks even worse now.

Natasha said...

Khan, the flagbearer of Islam - when did that happen?

Magnum said...

Immy is in denial about EVERYTHING! Like most pakistanis, I'm afraid.

what planet have you been living on? Mollana Imran has been peddling religion ever since 1995. Or are you being sarcastic?

But, really, Imran's the pits. however he is also audicious enough to always be the first one to to point out other peoples hippocracy.

Waqas Ahmed said...

It is none of enyone's business whether Tyrian is Imran's daughter or not. Anyways, Imran can't be blame as a hypocrite because he never denied her to be his daughter but in fact he always refused to answer whenever asked about her.

Salman Latif said...

This shows has not what it takes to be a good Pakistani politician - absolute and successful discretion in anything the masses may consider 'corrupt' :D

Mackers said...

@ Waqas Ahmed: Not true. Imran has denied paternity of her many times, including in this video:

Just go to 1:30. In that video, he is doubling-down on the claim he made previously, on TV, that he is not the father of Tyrian.

I think Imran is generally truthful and firmly believes the things he says, but on the issue of Tyrian, he def isn't telling the truth

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Anonymous said...

Imran Khan should be utterly relieved that he is such a HUGE failure as a politician. Just think what would happen to him if he was successful and his beloved Taliban were in power. Let's just say that had the revelation of a daughter out of wedlock been revealed under the gloriously just rule of Mullah Fazlullah, the Tehrik-i-Insaf would... well, be without a head.

Ammara said...


Natasha said...

Being sarcastic.

Newton said...

1. I remember reading about Tyrian being referred to as Imran's daughter in UK tabloids and even in a gulf newspaper. Specifically remember the news about him meeting her for the first time. that was circa 1999. Also remember my edi decided not to print it here.

2. Is it easy for ANYONE to admit a lovechild in this society?

3. Has anybody ever admitted to having one, esp has a politician or public figure ever admitted such a thing? I would be interested in his confession only if those who urge him on were not politically motivated.

4. if he says he is a born again muslim, i take his word for it. Cannot hold him accountable for what he did before he says he "saw the light"!! his religion/sins/virtues best be left between him and Who he believes in. As long as he didn't eat up the tax payers' money. MY MONEY. the ultimate sin!

5. It's the loveliest thing on earth to watch your daughter grow. Sort it out Imran!
Politics not going anywhere anyway.

P.S. Let's all shift to the emotional lava. it's so much like cafe pyala in every way. and more :-P

Mackers said...

The Emotional Lava, so much like Cafe Pyala. She too, like XYZ, speaks of emotions and drama in a girl's life. I already shifted, catgirl strikes again!

Anonymous said...

you seem insensitive to Tyrian's predicament. Lovechildren are human being who have the same feelings as of those born out of wedlocks. Her callous father isn't accepting her just because he is in a state of self deception that one day he would be a political force to reckon with. He claims to be straightforward person in the jungle of Pakistani politics. As far as I understand Pakistan's politics, I can say this 59-year-old angry youngman has no political future except that some day Rawalpindiwalas handpick him. He lost his young wife to Hugh Grant because of his so-called political mission. A narcist like him cant make it to politics when he has a past contrary to what he's now propagating.

Annie said...

if she is indeed his daughter and then he is lying about it for the sake of politics -- then that's utterly disgusting.

CATGIRL !! said...

Mackers? who r u? n wat r u talking about? r u being sarcastic?
andddddddd how do u know the other half of my logo? "Catgirl strikes again??" *really wondering*

Mackers said...

@ catgirl: No sarcasm. I read your blog. Nice one