Sunday, August 8, 2010

Video of the Day

Floods. Devastation. Killings in Karachi. Fake Degrees. Fake Relief. French Chateaus. British Shoes. What will it take to get our mind off the negativity for a moment. Perhaps this can. And I am willing to bet anything that this is the most surreal video you will see this weekend. Enjoy.


Mackers said...

Bahahaha. This video might have been filmed in anticipation of MTV (Mullah TV) the new Jamat e Islami channel. Smack that (he means with dundas)

The Me. said...

Oh my God. Oh my God.
This is. OmG. Its cute. So cute, in a funny way. It had me grinning for all 3 minutes and 31 suureal seconds of it.

Thank you SO much for sharing :D

Qausain said...

Hahahaha .. Kooool

now it's Akons turn to perform "Bibi Shireen" or "Bibi Sanam Jana" :P

WHS said...

Some body said it right


TLW said...

Cafe Pyala, is it even legal for a political party to own their own television channel like the Jamat-e-Islami is about to?

I mean, the JI is approximate to a fascist party for the views they espouse. Would something like this even be allowed? And can it be stopped?

Anonymous said...

JI fascist?
than what about MQM and the way it 'owns' all the media operating out of karachi ?

remember 12 may the attack on aaj tv ?

Anonymous said...

Whatever you may say, but the guy has got guts.

TLW said...

then what about MQM

Bleaghh, I know what you mean, but at least the fucks of the MQM want to operate in the 21st century. The Nazi's once said they wanted to "wipe out the Enlightnement".

But that's beside the point. Maybe someday thirty years from now we'll be able to get past the control the MQM has on Karachi. After May 12, they were embarrassed, so embarrassing them over their violence presents a chance. So for that day, I was wondering Are political parties allowed to operate news channels?

the way it 'owns' all the media operating out of Karachi

I wonder if Cafe Pyala can comment on the threats that MQM forces on newspapers and news channels in Karachi.

There is such a thing as passive resistance. For example, ever since the MQM attacked Dawn's office, Dawn has rarely if ever mentioned the name of the MQM in its editorials. Before the tenure of Mustafa Kamal, Dawn always tried to prevent the MQM from getting any free publicity.

But a larger comment on this has to come from the Cafe Pyala guys, but the JI channel thingy is more topical.

Annie said...

looooooooooooooooove it!!

karachikhatmal said...


everyone with a dari is not a maulvi. or using dandas. don't hate on the burgeoning career of pakistan's most promising rapper.


the mqm, if i'm not mistaken pretty much controls Dhoom tv. I could be wrong though.

but on the larger point, control of channels by political parties is quite widespread globally. in italy, (almost) ALL the channels are owned by berlusconi. it's even more interesting in lebanon, where every party has its own channel. venezuela has faced broadcast shutdowns because chavez says the right controls all the channels, and he is not incorrect.

but either way, let's please not detract from the greatest video we all saw this week.

Mackers said...

@ karachikhatamal: Dude, I understand very well that not everyone with a beard is a mullah and vice versa. Being facetious. Don't wanna be a playa hater at all, especially because our promising rap star is not only a brilliant entertainer, he is also a brilliant inventor. Having invented the latest in wireless microphone technology.

Anonymous said...

LOL! That was AMAZING!!!