Tuesday, March 16, 2010

A Bit of His Own Medicine for the 'Doc'

Came across this bitterbitterbitter attack on Youtube on Dunya TV's popular programme Hasb-e-Haal, which incidentally is the No. 1 ranked programme in terms of viewer ratings for its time slot. The ire of the poster has been kindled by the Hasb-e-Haal team making fun of Geo TV's Dr S&M a.k.a. 'Blowhard of the Decade.'

Thought I'd share the video with you. I don't know about anyone else but if Asif Zardari was actually responsible for Aftab Iqbal and Sohail Ahmed taking the mickey out of Dr S&M (for which there is absolutely no proof of course), my respect for him has really rebounded.


Wyse Guy said...

Damn, Nusrat said the right thing from 6:00 onward. Now it might be that all Pakistani variations on the Stephen Colbert/Daily Show concept might be the ones the rise up. If this means the twilight of the Pakistani political talkshow, then so be it.

Although this does put the kibosh on a plan I had to get my own Pak poli talk show.

Now I'll have to go find a real job. *sniff*

Magnum said...

zabardast! shahid masood truelly has started to devolve into a ana-nass (pineapple). i hope it is true that political talk shows are suffering from low ratings. i mean, about time, man.

Unknown said...

Wow! The last two minutes of this show are absolutely hilarious! I've been waiting for so long to see someone make fun of Shahid Masood on tv. Finally!

Anonymous said...

On a side note, iff they would just fire that manic single-note laughing woman I'd actually be able to watch that show without having my ears bleed.

Sachal said...

Who made this video? What annoying comments. And Azizi sits and disses all politicians all day. This was entirely personal. No Zardari funded crap this video maker is trying to sell.