Saturday, March 20, 2010

Blooper Wars - Updated

Remember this?

Well, we've apparently got our own back at them now. According to Dawn today:

"An advertisement released by Punjab police seeking people’s cooperation in combating terrorism carried the insignia of Indian Punjab police to the embarrassment of many. The advertisement which appeared in several national dailies showed three lions standing back to back on top of the small insignia, clearly indicating its Indian origin. The base of the insignias of police in Pakistan and Indian Punjab is the same. The difference is that the top of the Indian Punjab police insignia has three lions while that of the Pakistani Punjab police features a star. The Indian insignia is an adaptation of the Ashoka’s emblem while the Pakistani insignia reflects the national flag."

Here's an image of the front page of The Nation from yesterday with the Punjab Police ad at the bottom right.

Here's is the logo of the Punjab Police of Pakistan...

And here's the logo of the Punjab Police of India...

Given the reputation enjoyed by the Pakistani Punjab police, especially in light of the chhitrol incidents and the violent escapades of the last few days in Bara Kahu and Faizabad, I would say it should actually be the Indian Punjab police that feels embarrassed. Oh well, let's just call it even stevens and move on.

: : : Update : : :

...No such luck. The Indian government has hit back today with an Indian Railways ad that puts Railways minister Mamta Bannerjee's hometown Kolkata in the middle of the Bay of Bengal and the capital Delhi in... Pakistan. Oooh, now that's getting provocative, no matter what Zaid Hamid thinks. Here is how CNN-IBN reported it. Can't wait for the Pakistani response to this one. (Thanks to WHS who pointed it out).


WHS said...

What about the Latest

Indian railways advertisement showing

New Delhi part of Pakistan :P

Zaid Hamid said...

Yeh Radio Pakistan Delhi hai!

nayyares said...

Punjab police's ass continues to burn :)

WHS said...

Thanks for the Update XYZ... :)

Ahmen said...

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