Saturday, December 5, 2009

Video of the Day

What can one say? Except, who IS this PPP idiot Sardar Abdul Qayyum Jatoi anyway? And this man is a minister???

Actually, listening to him, you may come to the correct conclusion that he is actually right: the bigger problem in Pakistan is certainly the nepotistic and screwed up system that throws up such incompetents as him in the first place! (Originally posted on


2 Tok said...

I am not sure why but I like to appreciate PPP minister for being not a hypocrite at least. The rest of "wise" people, scolding him for admitting that Corruption is now a norm, part of our culture and like all others, PPP also has a right to do corruption, could be from A DEADLY BLEND - Corrupt and Hypocrite. Karela aur Neem chara type

Nida said...

"Corruption pay humara huk nahin hai?"

What Bakvaas!