Saturday, December 5, 2009

Yousuf Raza Gilani for Prime Minister!

Have been trying to find a clip of the BBC interview with Prime Minister Yousuf Raza Gilani that was broadcast yesterday (Dec 3) but haven't found it yet (if anyone else does, please post the link in the comments). In its lieu, here is Dawn reporting the same.

YRG: One thing I tell you

Here is what YRG said, with the requisite amount of disdain, when interviewer Zeineb Badawi pressed him about UK Prime Minister Gordon Brown and the US asking Pakistan to "do more" in the war against terrorism:

"One thing I tell you, this is our own war and we are fighting it for the interest of our own country. We are not mercenaries and we are not service providers either, and nobody has to judge our performance."

One thing I tell you: it swelled my heart with pride. About effing time somebody said this. You go Gilani! Sod off Gordon, trying to find scapegoats for your own failures, in Pakistan every time! How about "doing more" about this?

Of course, the very next day, that is December 4, Al Jazeera English carried an interview of Gilani by Sir David Frost, where YRG tried to repeat the pithiness of his earlier response, with slightly more mixed inspirational results. When asked about the Western fears of a Taliban takeover of Pakistan, the PM refuted that perception and added:

"Pakistan is a country. It's not a vegetable that someone can come and take it."

Um, ok. Whatever. Just remember, it's always better to go out on a high YRG. In any case, I'm still with you on the first one.


Ahsan said...

If Pakistan WAS vegetable, what would it be? I think I may actually make this a post on our blog.

Anonymous said...

Here's the interview:

The phrase comes around minute five...

Majaz said...

lol. good post.