Saturday, December 5, 2009

Winning Hearts and Minds?

So, just wanted to reiterate the story I linked to in the previous post. But I see that our friends at fiverupees have already commented on the shocking story. So am going to leave aside repeating what they have written, which I agree with. But urge you all to take a look at the video report here on The Guardian website.

Unfortunately, The Guardian does not allow us to embed the video here, so you'll have to go over there to see it. Well worth watching. And so much for the vaunted claims of British justice.

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2 Tok said...

They may be innocent or naive as they sound but they are paying the price of their bad fellow muslims responsible for 9/11 & 07/07 bombings. Now all Muslims especially Pakistani origin Muslims are suspects world over. No one in world trusts them any more. We can't blame the world opinion about us since our own house is in disorder and we are not doing any thing constructive to fix the damage done. Hai Jurme Zaeefi ki saza Marg e Mufajat and we are not only weak but criminals also - one showing connivance to a crime is equally criminal. We were silent or playing selfish when these terrorists were In-Making and even supported or voted those who were supporting these Monsters in Making. So this student's arrest or deportation is a very little price we are paying but with a big fuss - we are innocents. Not sure how innocents we are, but quite sure we - Pakistanis- are the best of Hypocrites specie ever existed in known history. We should honestly repent our past mistakes and then prove to world by our actions that we have taken a fresh start and can be trusted in future. It is easy to say, but are we ready? Nay! I can see herd of black sheeps waving their head saying - No way - our way is the ZARdari way.

Lamhon ne khata ki.
Sadion ne saza pai.

(Mistake committed at the spur of a moment proved to be a curse and punishment for centuries.)