Friday, September 3, 2010

Cats Out of the Bag

Some real breaking news in the media for you.

Sana Bucha, the host of Geo's Crisis Cell, has resigned from Geo and joined ARY. Obviously this means that her programme, which should have been airing tonight even as I write this, will not be broadcast.

Sana Bucha: out of her Cell

But perhaps much more intriguing are the reasons for her departure. Two of the more obvious ones are that Bucha had been offered more money by ARY and that since her husband (she recently got married) also works for Geo's Corporate Affairs division, she decided to make her exit before any administrative issue put the couple in a difficult position.

But insiders are saying one of the reasons is also Geo's attempts to lure Samaa TV's Meher Bokhari to Geo. Rumours of a bidding war involving Bokhari had been doing the rounds for some time, though Geo officials dismissed them as planted by Bokhari herself to increase her cache. The rumours were obviously credible enough, however, for Bucha, who it is said does not have a particularly soft spot for her television rival.

Meher Bokhari: being bid upon?

Incidentally, unconfirmed rumours are also circulating about Geo attempting to lure Dr. Shahista Wahidi, the host of ARY's top-rated morning show and whose brother Sahir Lodhi is now already doing a show on Geo. She, it is said, would replace the once-top rated Nadia Khan.


JDèé said...

I have seen a lot of abrupt resignations in media lately. Don't they have to serve any notice period as such as per the employment contract like in other industries? Can they just walk in one day and tell their employers that they won't be working for them anymore? Sounds kinda unfair to the employers, no?

Anonymous said...

mehar bukhari is just carp
she is more suited at the US embassy dance parties than at the tv screen

Anonymous said...

Good luck to sana bucha at ary.

Her show has never been half as good as mehr bokhari's. I am no fan of mehrs rantings myself, but Sana is really not in the same league in terms of developing a relationship with her audience or even knowing what she is talking about. Has anybody noticed how much she flicks about her hair and frowns (some say its her way of trying to look like she knows what she is talking about - and that most of her questions are fed to her by backups.)

If she is jealous of mehr, she should be. She should also realise that competition is healthy, and grow up and try to improve her own show rather than just petulantly resign like the spoiled child that she is.

Faisal Anis Siddiqui said...
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Anonymous said...

Anonymous 12:52,
1. what's with all the hate?
2. Unlike meher bokhari, Sana Bucha is well researched,gets her point across, is good-looking and the best part: she does all that without getting hysterical, flying off the handle, and contorting her face!
3. YouTube: "qamar zaman Qaira sharing cigarettes with meher bukhari"... Dignified behavior you think?
4. Are you meher bukhari?
5. If yes, I hope you treat this note positively and work on improving yourself. Good luck!
Ps. A good anchor always reacts to the live feed onthe show. Frowning is a natural response depending on the gravity of the news. But please explain twisting and contorting the mouth in grotesque ways?

Anon 20:20 said...

Arrey wah, both Meher and Sana are commenting here. Way to go Pyala!

Dr Ganja said...

I would like to place a bid for Sana Bucha. Thank you.

Faisal K. said...

damn. regardless of dumb sana might be, her program is 10 times better than meher's verbal diarrhea. oh god meher is so fucking full of shit.

Anonymous said...

mehar ?
you mean that b!tch of Anne Patterson ?

Anonymous said...

Sana Bucha is a certified loon. She is known for screeching at screaming at her production team and abandoning the show mid-shoot!

There is NO way she would even be at Geo if it wasn't for the fact that Azhar Abbas has some paternal instincts towards her.

Bucha has no business being a journalist. She is far more interested in designer shoes than in what happens in Lyari.

She curses. Cries. Throws things. I have no idea why Geo put up with her - and I cannot fathom why Ary would either.

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous above:

I totally corroborate this account. Bucha has long seen herself as a 'victim' - and thrives on eliciting sympathy.

let's see how long she lasts at ary. I really hope she sees the error in her ways and settles down.

Anonymous said...

I remember Sana had slapped a co-worker some months back in the news room while it was not co-worker's fault.
GEO management interestingly was silent on her voilet behavior. It was believed that Geo Management had supported her voilent act at that time.
For many in GEO, she has been considered Ladlly of the management. Many believe that she is gone for few days or weeks and soon she wil return on higher salary and higher post.
She and Mahim Maher are two chracters in the media who are thriving on victim syndrome, networking an copying other's work like page layouts or news selection.
Being in the tv and print media for around7 to 8 years, they are still not aware about the basics of journalism.
She and Mahim Maher are suitable for copy editing as it is their forte. But they got better position in their respective organizations by using victim syndrome, networking and being crtical on everyone els. Mahim got job in Daily times because she had known Najam Sethi and thrived on her 'contacts' and now she has got job because she has known Kamal Sidd and Bilal Lakhani. Sana has been thriving on Mohmmad Hanif's connection.
Both worked on centuries old but still successful tactic: if things go right it was their work but if things go wrong it was surely someone els fault.
Look at Mahim, she is merely a page designer and a copy editor. She cannot requist a good story except that where are blue films are being made or follow ups on a murder story like murder she wrote.
Such chracters survives in a company but in the book of history they ended up no where.

madihaw said...

i heard from a ex-friend of bokhari's that she gets 12 lakhs per month from samaa. what was bucha getting from geo?

Anonymous said...

Haha me likes the cat fight going here. Some of the comments are made by people who are so obviously pissed off that it seems indeed meher and sana have both posted here, slinging mud against each other!

Ali said...

She is back on Geo Now. i think she was gone due to her marriage.

Anonymous said...
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Billaaaon said...

both are stupid bimbos anyways