Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Picture of the Day

Was sent this screen grab today from the Lord's Test match. Pretty damning, eh?

Salman Butt: ensuring compliance?

Anyone who has played any cricket or follows cricket closely could tell you that no fielder would be looking at the bowler at the point of delivery. They'd be looking straight ahead, at the batsman, in anticipation of the shot. That's fielding basics. But then not all fielders have money riding on no-balls.


Anonymous said...

According to Mazhar Majeed's interview to the news of the world, calling for change of gloves is a signal that match fixing is on.
I have witnessed Stuart Broad calling for gloves during his "memorable" inning in Lords. For my surprise new gloves didnt arrive but Stuart's bat had started beating bowlers brutally.
I don't think English team was innoncent in the entire game. If you would go through the Stuart's inning you would discover him very friendly with Aamir and Asif.
We should not spare our black sheeps but we should also investigate the story instead of merely commenting on the scope of other publications.
The same story with more angles:
For example
1-how India has become hub of bookies and about network in Pakistan
2-were English players involved or not
3-Were Australian players were involved in the controvercial match ?

Anonymous said...

Also, his foot is off the line by quite a distance.

Pak-Cricket-Patriot said...

I completely agree with anon 2:17. A few additional points:

1. Have you also considered that Mossad hates Pakistan and wants to undermine our cricket team at every opportunity? Very suspicious, no? As Zaid Hamid says, the Jews are never to be trusted. They must be involved in some way.

2. I think all the videos are faked. Our god-fearing boys would never commit such acts in holy month of Ramadan. Only the non-believers like Hansie Cronje and Indians take part in match-fixing.

Brothers, I'm sure you also suspect that Pakistan is being framed. Please add your points of suspicion.

Umair said...

I wholeheartedly agree with the above comments. I also think SkySports' role should be investigated. Maybe they used a camera trick to pull back the crease from where it usually is? Also, Aamir's boot-maker should be looked at. Maybe his shoe was designed to magically cross the line at exactly the 1st ball of the 3rd over?


Magnum said...

@ Anon 2:17 & Pak-cricket-patriot

I HOPE what your tongue is in your cheek; otherwise, I'm afriad, your heart might be in the right place, but your brain certainly is in your ass!!

Wake. The. Fuck. Up!

guppy said...

Not so fast. Take a look at the second video and accompanying caption at:

Of course all this is moot. The composition of that photograph ensures that it will remain the perfect icon of this sordid affair.

Amar said...

Not that I dont think that Salman Butt et el are not guilty. But offering this photograph as evidence is pretty lame.

It takes a split second to move your eye focus from the bowler to the batsman, especially if you are the captain and want to keep everything under your observation.

So this is pretty circumstantial, not damning at all.

Qausain said...

ye fake picture hey!

yahodion ke sazish hey Pakistan k khilaf :P

Butterscotch said...

paki patriot
i couldnt have agreed more. However you forgot to mention the involvement of neocons. The entire planning was done in pentagon but one brave american general stanely opposed hence faced the wrath of american establishment. Also if you go back in history you would actually notice the first ever indications were given by Professor huntington in his clash of civilization theory. Bernard lewis too had had expressed his disliking for the two Ws for prodigious reverse swinging ability.
Exactly on the lines of famous cambridge spy ring of 30s, mossad deployed 4 paki boys butt asif amir and another mystery player. Boys were systematically trained nutured and mentored and eventually brought into pakistani team. the agenda was to destroy pakistani cricket. Butt being the ring leader was equivalent of kim philby was to lead. 5th man in the cambridge has remained a mystery till date similarly our fourth player too will remain mysterious. Damage has been done and we must start listening to zaid hamid again. Man has proved his credentials again.
In the end i would like to congratulate you for inspiring me to come here and reveal my facts and figures.
Zaid hamid paaindabadddd!!!

nervous wreck patriot said...

Disaster after disaster has boiled our collective brains, it seems. We all deserve a break. Government must send us all on holidays abroad from time to time, so we can rejuvenate ourselves enough to continue being patriotic Pakistanis.

Anonymous said...

From Ann 2.17:
Ataaa Hey Ghussa Unhaain Ati Nahi Jinhaain Daleel

I just mentioned a fact that stuart broad asked for gloves and according to Mazhar Majeed it is a signal for match fixing.
I never said these people are innocent or we shouldn't criticise them.
But, the way some people expressed anger over Broad's name reflect Angreez Mar gaye Uladaaain Chore Gaye.


Tilsim said...

The bowler is innocent. Salman Butt has an uncle Butt who manufactures underwear, Y fronts actually. Just before the match Salman had given the great Amir these latest technology underpants. Little it be known to Amir, these Y fronts snap back hard when you stretch them. As he ran up, the Y fronts went to work. In the end Amir just stumbled forward - look at the pain and anguish on his face. Got him where even ami's duas don't have any effect. Salman is just trying to restrain his laughter. B***ard.

Ahsan said...

Yeah I agree with Guppy, I've seen alternate photos where there's no no-ball and Butt is watching the foot. He's guilty as hell, but this photo doesn't show anything. Well, except for bad fielding fundamentals.

Pak-Cricket-Patriot said...

Ahsan, why must you change the topic with your perfectly reasonable statement? Zaid Hamid has warned us to be vigilant against people like you.

As Commander Zaid's favorite disciple Ali Azmat often says, not only are the Jews and neo-cons against us, the true conspirator are the Britishers themselves. "This plan to frame Pakistan started at a British institute called Tavistock Institute of Human Relations. In collaboration with British intelligence, they started to replace the whole world’s culture with a new culture."

Since the British invented cricket, and our god-fearing boys were becoming too good, they became scared, and have decided to teach us a lesson using the so-called free media. Rupert Murdoch has investments in India, which is why NOTW and Sky are ganging up against us.

Anonymous said...

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