Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Relax, Don't Do It?

So, um, Mosharraf Zaidi had recently written an article in Foreign Policy called "The Talibanization of America", which is certainly worth reading for his intelligent recasting of the debate over Islam and Islamophobia in the US, though I have serious issues with his implication that the only valid debate is one between religiously-inspired identities. And with an English speaking Pakistani-American schooled at the Karachi American School who is more than a little fond of heavy metal and rap, sneeringly referring to governments in Pakistan as being run by "culturally dislocated Muslims." It's the sort of essentialism Mosharraf's otherwise well argued writing can do without.

But I bring that up only as a by-the-way talking point because what I really want to share today is the 1996 video below. It is of Christine O' Donnell, a Tea Party Express candidate and right-wing activist who defeated the favoured Republican candidate today in the party's Delaware primaries. As you may recall, the Tea Party is sort of the extreme right of the Republican spectrum whose members have been in the forefront of casting Barrack Obama as a (OMG!) Muslim communist and leading the fight against the New York Muslim Cultural Centre to be known as Cordoba House. According to analysts, the win for her has put a rather large stumbling block in the GOP's (Republican Party's) hopes of winning the Senate in the November elections, since they do not believe O' Donnell has a chance of winning the face-off against her Democratic rival.

In any case, here is the video from MTV that one TV programme dug up. It's O' Donnell's campaign against, um, well, you know...

The Taliban just get a bad rap sometimes, I tell you.


Mackers said...

What a wanker

Hangman said...

Oh, boy, XYZ, two posts on stuff written by utter jerks!

First that pretentious fuckhead, Ejaz Haidar, and now this self-rightous drawing room Taliban pimp in disguise of a liberal, Mosharraf Zaidi.

Really diassapointed Pyala. Even though you guys tried to lay into Mosharraf, but why be so apologetic?

He's a cunt and that's that.

Anonymous said...

hmm. hangman sounds like the guy who wrote "fuck you mr. president", at least in the colorful use of his umm... french. maybe *that's* why he's pissed at ejaz getting the credit :)

Alpha Za said...

Obviously the Pyala Team is Friends with Zaidi. Or Lovers.

Tea Party is an interesting phenomena, though not as interesting at Pyala losing their balls. But still. Noteworthy.

Next up; Pyala Review on Mc Donalds Big Tasty Burger

Mackers said...

Here is another clip of the wanker, sounding even more stupid. This time she argues that there is no such thing as a white lie, and that if a situation arises where a lie needs to be told, God will find a way to fix said situation, leaving the telling of a lie redundant