Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Pakistan Today, In A Couple of Days?

We're hearing that Pakistan Today - former The Nation editor Arif Nizami's long-awaited new daily with the financial backing of Pakistan's richest (legitimate) businessman Mian Mohammad Mansha, among others - is set to make an appearance in the market this Saturday.

Sounds kind of odd, given that there has been no marketing push so far to introduce the paper, but that's what we're hearing and that's all we know so far.

Watch this space for updates.


Alpha Za said...

Have they even put together a semi-decent staff yet?

Anonymous said...

Oh they think they have - 8th grade English language teachers from some naval school

Anonymous said...

"Legitimate"? Isn't that just a tiny bit weird given that Forbes (you're relying on their list one presumes) called Mansha's MCB takeover as "controversial". Bias!

Anonymous said...

Breaking News: In response to the launch of his rebel nephew's 'Pakistan Today', Mr Majeed Nizami, owner of the ailing Nation, has decided to rename his newspaper 'Pakistan Yesterday'.
Retro Muslim Leaguers who believe that the Nawai Waqt group has a monopoly over the use of the word 'Pakistan' are ecstatic and are urging the chief justice to take suo moto notice of this blatant breach of patent by upstarts.