Saturday, November 27, 2010

Connecting the Dots

So, after quite a while, I was once again checking out the website of The Dawn because somebody asked me about it. And no, I don't mean Dawn as in the newspaper; in fact, I think the Dawn Media Group once even threatened, or at least contemplated threatening, them with legal action (I have no idea what became of it). And suddenly, something caught my eye that made bells go off in my mind. It was quite a Eureka! moment.

"The prophetic Sunrise in the East"?

But before I tell you what my Eureka! moment was, let's all just take a moment to understand what The Dawn really is.

Its flowery tagline proclaims it as a "News digest of the prophetic Sunrise in the East." If that's not enough to impress you, in its 'Why The Dawn News?' section, it clearly implies that the Quaid-e-Azam Mohammad Ali Jinnah was somehow involved in its founding (even though it exists only as a web-paper and the web didn't actually come into being until about 46 years after the founder of Pakistan passed away). It talks about Jinnah founding Dawn and The Pakistan Times prior to Partition before cleverly (and grammatically incorrectly) sidestepping the issue and adding "This Newspaper is inspired the founding father of Pakistan [sic] and revelation of the Shair e Mashriq Alama Iqbal." It even uses the following famous photograph of Jinnah to bolster its credentials:

Jinnah reading some other paper with a "similar sounding name"

It then goes on a tangential rant about the warped world view of communists, socialists and secularists before concluding, right at the end, with:

"This site has nothing to do"

Prepositions, it seems, are not its strong point. But you may already have surmised that this is not the most widely circulated English paper in Pakistan from the vitriol it spews against alleged "5th columnists" (many of whom write for Dawn) such as Asma Jahangir, Ayaz Amir, Irfan Husain, Ayesha Siddiqa, Imtiaz Alam, Pervez Hoodbhoy, Hasan Nisar, Ardeshir Cowasjee, Najam Sethi, Dr. A.H. Nayyar, Nadeem Farooq Paracha and Huma Yusuf (see Wall of Shame on right of the site's page). Far more hilariously, however, it adds the following disclaimer in its 'About Dawn News' section:

"The Dawn News makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness [sic], suitability [sic], or validity of any information on this site & [sic] will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use.All information is provided on an as-is basis. The Dawn News does not accept any responsibility for sites with similar sounding names."

Right then. Aren't you glad you have that sorted out?

Anyway, now that you all understand what I am talking about and I have (hopefully) set up the context, here's what provoked my Eureka! moment. The website says this about itself:

"The Dawn News is owned and operated by Sapartese Management. There are several editors, Moin Ansari, Amardeep Singh, and Lisa Bernstein."

Now why did this catch my eye and set off chimes in my head? Well, mainly because the juxtaposition of these important sounding but unknown names seemed vaguely familiar. The combination of one alleged gora/ gori, one alleged Indian and one alleged Pakistani name reminded me of something I once read.

Remember this post about a (well-funded) rag called The Daily Mail? Remember what I had written about the story featured in that post, authored allegedly by "Cherry Ferguson in London, Kapil Verma in Mumbai and Ambreen Nadeem Janjua in Islamabad"?:

"One word to the wise: don't believe any of the bylines. I doubt any of these people actually exist."

Incidentally, our persistent friend Marvi Sirmed had actually called up the Mumbai Press Club after that post, only to discover that no journalist by the name of Kapil Verma is known to anyone there. Big surprise. Not. Another of The Daily Mail's regular ace reporters named Christina Palmer, a foreigner based ostensibly in Delhi, apparently does not exist either according to the Indian government (which did try looking for her). The Daily Mail's editor Makhdoom Babar even admitted as much, claiming it was a pseudonym "to protect her identity." (Since she stopped writing soon after the Indians arrested one of their Islamabad-based diplomats, Madhuri Gupta, for spying, there was even speculation that Ms Palmer was actually Ms Gupta... which, if true - Babar denies of course - might give you a little more insight into The Daily Mail.)

In any case, I was intrigued enough by the names to Google them. And guess what I discovered? These are some busy journalists! The exact same combination of names (with some minor additions here and there) appears on at least six other separate sites as editors. Here's something called Daily Mail Post:

Here's the Pakistan Ledger:

Here's Rupee News:

Here's Pakistan Patriot:

Here's Today's Views:

And here's Pakistan Independent, which actually ends up getting confused (can you blame them?) and talking about Rupee News in it's own 'About' section:

In addition, I found another 4 sites where at least one of the above illustrious personalities were listed as editors. These included The Pakistan Times (or New Pakistan Times), the Khalistan Times, the Times of Kabul and the Hindustan Globe. All these sites have the exact same description about their 'team' of contributing authors which always includes the following list in exactly the same order, typos and all:

"Moin Ansari is a 50-something US-raised Pakistani American living somewhere in the US. His political background is well to the left of centre,  and is very interested in investigative history, international relations, immigration, cultural integration and language policy issues. He is presently working on a long term doctorate in history

Jason Miller is a tenacious anti-capitalist and vegan animal liberationist. He is also the founder and editor of Thomas Paine’s Corner, associate editor for Cyrano’s Journal Online, blog director for The Transformative Studies Institute and associate editor for the Journal for Critical Animal Studies.

Isha Khan
A Bangladeshi activits who regualrly posts on Rupee News

Dr. Fawzia Khan
A professor based in New Jersey who writes for various magazines including Counterpunch.

Dr. Abdul Ruff
Prolific writer from Delhi who regularly contributes to Rupee News

Dr. Koncha
A Dalit activits from Hydrabad India who highlights Dalit issues in Dalit Freedom Network

Jim Mondavi: 27 year old  economist and journalist, center-left.

Riaz Khan
An American freelance journalist who lives in the US

Munir Khan
An Indian activist who writes on politics

Ahmed Quraishi
A Pakistani nationalist who has his own site

Andaleeb etc. etc."

Do note the second last name and the "etc. etc." at the end (that's how it reads on all the sites). Actually finding Ahmed Quraishi listed on ALL these sites probably was not altogether unpredictable since even The Dawn, in its description about itself, throws in a reference to the infamous obsession of his mentor Zaid Hamid, i.e. Ghazwa-e-Hind.

I also noticed that all these sites were "owned" by the company called Sapartese Management (sometimes misspelled as Sapertese). Digging further, I discovered at least another 8 sites / papers that were owned by this little-known-but-apparently-massive player in the media market (Rupert Murdoch, watch out!). The 'editorial boards' (always multiple editors) were slightly different than the ones in the first 11, but all still counted the same writers as their contributing authors. Their names? Times of Bombay, The Delhi Times, Dacca Times, The Daily Mail Times, Bharat Globe, Pakistan Akhbar, Musalman Times and Views Times. Interesting collection, isn't it? And I'm not even listing a number of other blogs also managed by the same company. Unsurprisingly, all sites seem to have the exact same political world view, i.e. hawkishly pro-Pakistan, virulently anti-India and suitably ambivalent about the Afghan Taliban.

Have a look at what all these different sites - which, incidentally cross-reference and promote each other constantly - look like:

 Notice anything?

But perhaps you're saying, so what? All this proves is that the same bunch of high-energy people are very enthusiastic about writing for different blogs and papers. And that the company that runs all these sites, even if it's going over the top with so many titles, is well within its rights to standardize the look of its various publications.

Well, then let's take a look at the 'company' that allegedly owns all these sites: Sapartese Management. There's one thing quite curious about it. The only place it seems to exist is on these websites; Google it: there is no separate website with any listed office. For a company running at least 19 'prestigious' publications all over the globe, wouldn't you think it would have a bustling office somewhere?

So I began to pay attention to the contact details for these various publications and the addresses listed for them as well as for, sometimes, Sapartese Management. It proved remarkably difficult to pin down where the company's offices actually were, mainly because they seemed to be moving around quite a bit. For example, according to The Dawn, Sapartese was located at "1013 Gates Court, Morris Plains, NJ 07950" but according to Pakistan Ledger its parent company was located at "3333 5th Avenue, New York, NY." Other publications listed a number of other addresses, often also in New York.

But there was something funny about these addresses too, as some might have already gathered. As anyone who has walked around or looked for directions in New York can tell you, there's critical information such as ZIP codes and Suite numbers missing. In fact, there is no building number 3333 on 5th Avenue in Manhattan, the boulevard numbers actually end in the mid-2000s. Look it up on Google maps, I am not kidding. There is another 5th Avenue in Queens but the houses there are numbered in the single digits. Neither is there, it seems, a 1013 Gates Court in Morris Plains, NJ.

 The far end of 5th Avenue: not that difficult to see where it ends, is it? (Source: Google Maps)

Some of the other office addresses are equally absurdly manufactured. For example, the offices of the Times of Bombay are listed as "76543 34th Street, New York, NY" and The Delhi Times as "5555, 15th Street, New York, NY." Neither exist. If you actually Google these addresses (obviously someone forgot about the extensive mapping of addresses in the US), some land you up in parking lots, others in the middle of the highway. Even the address Mr. 'Moin Ansari' - who owns at least 21 domain names - provides while registering domain names is seemingly fictitious.

Incidentally, who really is this mysterious Moin Ansari who lives "somewhere in the US"? I have no idea if he is either this man or this man or someone entirely different altogether. It must be said, however, that the interview in the second link refers to him as "an executive in the Information Technology industry" and the person under whose name Rupee News is registered also lists a company by the name of Crestech in his registration details. A software company owned by the Crescent Group is also called Crestech but I have no idea if it's the same one being used here. Perhaps I'll leave that for another time or for others to probe.

Do I really need to spell out who I think has the resources and the motivation to spin this elaborate web of fake publications and yet be so incompetent about it? And what does that tell you about Ahmed Quraishi and the people associated with papers like The Daily Mail?



Ahsan said...

Brilliant work CPM.

The parent company head office is located in Islamabad near 7th avenue and Aab Para intersection, right beside RIPS.

If you know what i mean ;)

Asghar said...

XYZ that was brilliant as usual. What bothers me though is that, are those guys really so stupid.
They have been insulting and tend to insult the intelligence of the "bloody civilians" for some time now.
For some other article I had to go through these sites and ended up thinking that they were being run by some inept internees at my previous employers head office.
Guess what, I tried to contact the editor using the contact form. But was never able to do that. Some how the browser would always return an error. A similar error I would face while trying to contact a spokeperson for a recently formed political party, made me think that perhaps I should make the link. I fell short of that Eureka.

But you did it XYZ, some how that has been somewhat elusive. However, I think that they allocated a budget (taken from espionage moneys) to startup this amateurish psyops and then forgot to checkup on it. Now those (idiot)boys are still running it without supervision.

Asghar said...

Since we are on the subject of connecting dots, just a totally irrelevant question XYZ.

You and Ahsan are separate guys? (I hope so)
I mean these are not two pseudonyms being used, are they?

Anonymous said...


In the spirit of investigative work it may have helped to read that the author of the post was CPM.

Anonymous said...

Good job CPM! Now where shall we send our twenty rupee per person donation for the 48 hours of your life you'll never get back...

Seriously, kudos. If our 'pr' people learn anything from this, let it be that you get what you pay for. they need to raise their game.

Asghar said...

Dear Kalakawa,
Yes I saw that, incidentally your blog is on my Favorite list along with CP and Ahsan's 5-RS.

It was just a thought that has been creeping in my head. So I had to ask.

Extrapolating it would be nice to know that there are three distinct individuals on these blogs.

Ahsan and XYZ tend to display (strong)telepathic attributes. But then again perhaps it's my imagination.

Bolshevik said...

Hahahahah @ KalaKawa's comment. :-D

Asghar said...

Since I am at the risk of having asked an Idiotic question, here's another one.

In the "Who We Be" list do the names bolow have a one to one correpondence with a distinct & unique Homo-Sapien?
Mrs P
daroon e khana

I used to equate CPM=XYZ,

Ahsan said...

@ Asghar

There are many Ahsan's who follow this blog :)

Cafe Pyalee said...

Brilliantly done, CPM.

You are right, former Zaid Hamid ball-lifter Ahmed Qureshi is the common link on all these bogus websites and ..err .. "newspapers."

And this guy, Moin Ansari, is a vicious creature. Does he actually live in the US?

If so, I better write to the Home Dept. I mean, I also want to be there, and I'm not even half as bad.

PS: just went through the 5th Columnists' Secion. LOL. Bad English, paranoid language, et al . :D

Kashif said...

The Fifth Columnists section on the fake ‘Dawn News’ site claims that all the frontline colunmits of the real Dawn Newspaper – Pervez Hoodbhouy, Asma Jehangir, Kamran Shafi, Irfan Hussain, Ayaz Amir (though he now writes for The News), and Nadeem F. Paracha – are all on the payroll of CIA, RAW, and whatnot.

Hmmm … how much are CIA and RAW paying you people at Café Pyala? 

I mean, are these guys for real? Apparently not, but certainly, assholes like Moin Ansari and ahmed Qureshi certainly are. May God have mercy.

kashif said...

You guys missed the "Shining Stars: Gallery of Patriots" section.

It has Shireen Mizari, Rodad Khan and, of course, Ahmed Qureshi.

I rest my case.

Unknown said...

Why CPM, why? Why did you have to take down a guilty pleasure of mine like Rupee News; where after some recent disaster for my beloved Bakistan I would log onto their browser crashing site, and wallow in my childhoods batriotism. At least that way we would know what the Mohib-e-Watans at Aabpara were thinking on the recent disaster caused in one way or another on the Pak exchequer spending money on those morons to build browser crashers, as opposed to what normal countries do with their dough.

If any ISI troll is reading this, seriously dodos - if an anaree like me can restrict my front page to ten posts per display, you Invisiible Soldiers can learn to operate the design function on blogspot and wordpress.


I like my propaganda done, well.

No Mist said...

Wow !!! this is my teenage dream come true. When I was a early teenager, pennyless and had lots of idle time i used to daydream about doing such things. ie, to make an extensive web of websites each intelinked and genuine sounding so that i can spread rumors about whatever i wanted. my fantasies were made of such stuff after i learnt about the web.

now that i am not a teenager but not exactly pennyless either (even though I still could not muster enough resources to do it) ... i have absolutely no inclination to indulge in such things.

guess someone is living my teenage life in their adulthood.

karachikhatmal said...

this was well worth the hype.

CPM said...

@Asghar: Hahaha! Did you just imply that we at Cafe Pyala and Ahsan of 5 Rupees are perhaps guilty of the same thing this post was setting out to expose? At least XYZ and myself are writing on one blog only, as opposed to 15...

Otherwise, agree with you about the incompetence bit.

@Ahsan: Heh. Maybe that's why there are so many alleged addresses in New York on "7th Avenue." By the way, am I being schizophrenic by responding to you here? ;)

@Anon430: Thank you. You can send your Rs. 20 to Ahsan ;)

@kashif: You wrote: "Hmmm … how much are CIA and RAW paying you people at Café Pyala" Not anywhere enough, I tell you. :)

@TLW: My sincerest apologies.

@karachikhatmal: Thank you for those kind words sir.

Asghar said...

@CPM (or XYZ)
No I had no intent of drawing that analogy.
On a serious note though, do you have six individual people sharing on CP?

Rhazes said...

So, my question to "our boys" trolling on this website (like anonymous above), why exactly are you guys trying to put a spin on the spot fixing story?

And hey, get a decent web developer and a copy editor.

Anonymous said...

While the "newspaper" Daily Mail now gives a home addres in F-11/4 as it's contact, you would be happy to note that the domain is registered to Makhdoom Babar at phone number 2820191, the address of which is OFFICE 3 SHAHBAZ CENTRE G-6/1 ISLAMABAD. Yes, just across the street from the boys. Old pages on the paper's website give the same address.

Also, publishing Lawrence Davidson and other conspiracy theorists on the op-ed pages is so precious.

Shahid Saeed said...

That was one epic post. Poor Ahmed Quraishi must be calling some Majs to do something about the issue now. If they are going to do what they perceive as psy-ops, at least flood the web with something worthwhile. All of their stuff is written in such pathetic English. Single digit IQs, single digit.

Shahid Saeed said...

Alsom besides Ruppee News, Pakistan Ledger and The Dawn are registered to Moin Ansari's name. He therefore doesn't hide that. All others are registered to hosting companies (by virtue of private domain registration) but probably Ansari's work.

faizan said...

The person is Ahmad Qureshi himself, right?

Ahsan said...

Wow. What a truly fucking EPIC post, CPM. *Stands up and applauds as if Lara just made a double hundred*.

BTW, speaking of being confused for someone else, I once had some Pakistan-hating Indian type come to my blog and accuse ME of being the person behind "Rupees News" since the name was close to my blog's. The PK-hating guy said something to the effect of "Oh, so you have Rs.5 for your cover, and Rupee News for how you really could've at least come up with a different name." Idiot.

Unknown said...

CPM, thank you for actually taking time to look around and try to trace all this. I think this post makes me wonder about what a pain some parts of being a journalist can be. Constantly having to deconstruct propaganda, and make sense out of utter bullshit.

CPM is there anyway, we as your readership can alleviate the headache going through all this BS must have given you?

And @Ahsan; do you think the Rupee News guy stole the name from your blog, or if he precedes you, AKS and NB, just chose Five Rupees because it was floating around the cyber ether?



Ahsan said...

TLW: Heh, I didn't really look into dates of origin and all that to be honest. I just thought it was funnny yet annoying.

Shahid Saeed said...

Some more websites run by Moin Ansari and this crowd. Pak Historian,
Islamabad Globe,
Musalman Times ,
Bangladesh Patriot and
Times of Islamabad . I'm sure there are another dozen domains registered to these creeps.

Anonymous said...

@Asghar: Wow, you got it, dude... no-one can deceive the cyber-generation with engineered posts anymore... everyone has been exposed... thank you the internet... this so-called investigative post is actually a smokescreen...

@kashif: who is paying Cafe Pyala walas? See this

Shahid Saeed said...

Found another few. Kashmir Punch, Pakistan Punch, Times of Srinagar, Azad Kashmir Times and Kashgar Times

Anonymous said...

Whatelse can you expect from the jokers sitting in the army's propaganda wing. Usually the low IQ college drop-outs end up in the army.

Anonymous said...

Recent posts have totally exposed these guys. Cafe Pyala is, no doubt, also a fucking smokescreen... may be a psy-op of the ISI or ISPR!!

Shahid Saeed said...

And another two Ansari domains. Strategic Thinking and Policy Institute and American Joint Multifaith Association

Magnum said...

Is this ALL nutcases like Ansari and Ahemad Q do? I mean, they should get a life.

But then, to such men, sucking up to the ISI and dreaming up the most fantastical theories is life.

And yes, I agree, the standard of writing and English is terrible on ALL of these 1004 sites with ALL of them saying the same damn thing. LOL.

Sherdil Jawan said...

I wonder why the CP bloggers hesitates to utter the name of the Pakistan Army or the ISI, even in this long post, which is about the clandestine activities of the spy agency, although their names are not public!


Anonymous said...

Wow..brilliant investigation cpyala...

Teeth Maestro said...

Ahmed Quraishi and the entire ISI propaganda machine BUSTED - thank you Cafe Pyala !!!

Le Mystique said...

Well done cafe pyala!

Abdulaziz Khattak said...

What I am interested in is if the site is anti-Pakistan???
Can someone answer please???

Magnum said...

Which site Abdulaziz??

Nabeel said...


If nothing else, these newspapers have helped us college students give citations for papers.

Pervaiz said...

Nice work but you are only going after the small fish. The real blog operatives are more sophisticated like Marvin Memon, Awab Alvi, Raza Rumi and his poodle YLH and others at Pak Tea House, Adil Najam who is their ring leader and poses as a US professor but actually lives in Islamabad, Mosharraf Zaidi, Beena Sarwar, Zaka, and all of them are 'managed' by Sherry Rahman, Aitizaz Ahsan, Asma Jehangir, and other pseudo-liberals. LUBP is the only site to have the guts to expose them. You are just writing about the ones that do not matter. You should go after the big fish.

Ahsan said...

^Hahaha. Self-important, much?

Anonymous said...

Good job!
last time(about two years ago)Ahmed quershi was consulting political parties and individuals to take care of their realpolitiks.The name of their firm was 'FurmaanRealpolitik:public Affairs Consultants,media & campaign managers' and their office was in ChaklalaIII(as per their visiting card )
So I assume as businessman he went to do business with Pakistan biggest and most powerful political party.A smart move from his side.

Kashif said...

Good work.

Here's more to it:

Domains created on 26-02-2010

Domains created on 09-11-2010

All of the above domains hosted at Blue Host (IP created on 03-06-2008, and are created on 26-01-2008. They use nameservers.

If the strategy is to get top slots in search engines for specific phrases, they are successful so far, as follows:

Bottom line: Trust no one, especially the internet.

Muhammad Shaikh said...

The idea behind launching a network of news websites is to become the ultimate source of news and information on the internet, search engines in particular. Hence if they can dominate the search engines they will become the top source of info on Pakistan and that will allow them to spread agenda to a much larger audience globally.

Anonymous said...

And watch Mr. Ansari on you tube.

Cafe Pyalee said...

Well done, Pyala. Thanks to your amazing piece against these frauds, many of these bogus sites have been taken down.

temporal said...


as billy would say


Anonymous said...

Wow: Quite an eclectic crowd you have here--and some of you have a sense of humor too!!

So now I know where all of you hang out!

Actually I really enjoyed reading your "investigative work". The least I could do was to drop in and say hello and thank you for so much work. Do drop in on my site too. Can't offer you a piyal, but how about a Rupee!!

I am surprised that you found so little about me! I have been on the internet since the 80s--with tons of articles which were simply transferred to my site when the www came about.

Nothing diabolical about this. We have different opinions--just like Dr.Alvi may disagree with the Sr. Alvi, or you may disagree with Five Rupees.

Not sure why your reader could not add a comment to our site. We get thousands of visitors.

In fact you can look me up at most Pakistani functions.

You guys certainly spent a lot of time investigating a tempest in a teapot--complete with grand conspiracy theories. I was surprised to see the comments of Dr. Alvi whose father has worked with me in the PTI. In fact he visited my site where we had posted some articles for him.

Surely you guys have too much spare time.

Moin Ansari Part One

Anonymous said...

I used to love connecting the dots, when I was in KG school--especially since there are so many left out unconnected.

Oh yeah! I just thought I'd add this. Nothing diabolical about more than one site. We simply ran out of real estate on Rupee News so we began posting stuff on another site. If you hadn't noticed--(this is where we separate the men from the boys, and real research from playing in the sandbox)--each site has a nuance.

But we will let another "investigative report" (from a real journalist--who uses his real name) to figure out the nuances!

One who really knows English! Wow! talks about WOGs!


Was Salaam, or should I say Namastey or Bye to this motley crew?!

Moin Ansari

PS: Rupert Murdoch? Now you have given my friends to talk about.

AKS said...

Dear Mr. Moin Ansari,

I had initially considered not replying to your comment, a man has a right to defend himself (so what if your defence has more holes than SIPRNet; for one, you offer no justification for violating Dawn's rights. The techies I know tend to know a thing or two about intellectual property.), but your parting statement warrants a response.

You saying "Was Salaam, or should I say Namastey or Bye to this motley crew?!" is incendiary and wrong.

Why must it be that only a privileged few have recourse to patriotism and anyone holding opposing views is designated a traitor?

Can a Hindu not be a patriotic Pakistani?

Ahsan said...

AKS screw your liberal claptrap for just a second...what I'm wondering is where this guy came up with the name "Rupee news" from? I can't be the only Rs.5er who finds this disturbing.

AKS said...

Liberal claptrap? Suck my balls!

I distinctly remember having a conversation with either you or NB or both about this. His blog came up after Rs.5 and he started commenting quite heavily on Rs.5 (and leaving hyperlinks).

Did he change his blog's name to Rupee News from something else?

S.Taseer said...

I don't know if this has happened after your entry, but seems like
1013 Gates Court, Morris Plains, NJ 07950

now has a spot on Google maps!

And so does
3333 5th Avenue, New York, NY

Garima said...

Great Piece of work there Cpyala. I have had my share of standoffw with Moin ANsari and similar such idiots on rupeenews. Even when I stumbled upon the site for the first time in my life I had serious doubts about the authenticity of the sources of this news. What I have always failed to understand is the motive for all this BS unleashed on the web. The utter crassness and deuchbaggery unleashed by Moin Ansari and his clones on all these sites is an insult to an intelligent reader who has a fair amount of grasp on what is going around the world

Mumra said...

Evidently, this is a picture of Ms. Christina Palmer:

The whole story is here:

I don't know what to believe anymore... Hahaha!!!

Also, nice work Cpyala. But as a matter of fact, this is just the tip of the iceberg. You haven't managed to pick up the real dirt: who funds these hosted domains, and how these names and companies are linked financially to existing companies and media outlets - in Pakistan and elsewhere. The list of names is also woefully short and you've only mentioned a handful of pseudonyms, fake names and fake identities. Honorably thorough investigative pursuit nonetheless.

Naushad Shafkat said...

I had seen your site before but had not taken it seriously. Now I have it bookmarked and will look it up more often than not. This is just brilliant CP. Amazed at the incompetence of the people who set up such hoaxes. All the best CP and keep it up!!

Naushad Shafkat said...

CP: Something seems to have happened to the sites you mention (or my computer detects something fishy and malfunctions.)None of the links work, my mouse just turns into a magnifier and what not. Can I put up a link to your article on my blog?

Tooba Fatima said...

Brilliant job! I'm a student trying to learn political/social truths and writing such as this really does help!! Keep up the amazing work!

new york city truck accident lawyer said...

Wow, this is really great blog. Thanks for this wonderful post.

Anonymous said...

If Moin Ansari about age 50 + working in IT, is based out of Nj, here is what is available on the internet.

Searching for a Moin Ansari In NJ in provides the following information.
Age : 52
21 Heritage Ct, Morris Plains, NJ 07950

Phone: 973-984-5428

Full name Moin Hasan Ansari
Wife Saba Ansari
Amra Ansari (Age 36)
Samina Ansari
Shaima K Husain (Age 34)
Samina A Kirmani (Age 42)

Did business for the US government.

Infotech Research International, Inc.
Moin Ansari
Infotech Research International, Inc.
188 Route 10 West, Suite 202
East Hanover, New Jersey 07936, USA
Tel: 973-463-1260
Fax: 973-463-1265

Anonymous said...

Moin Ansari.
Putting a face on the name..

M Ali Khan said...

I tagged Ahmed Quraishi on facebook about this and Pak Media Watch's article about his 'revelations' on Najam Sethi. This was his response:

"First of all, everything that I have been writing, my exclusive reporting on US political meddling and intelligence meddling in Pakistan over the past four years, have been proven to the last point. Thanks to my reporting, and a few others, DynCorp and its local affiliate Inter-Risk and their secret training facility outside Islamabad were busted in 2009. When Raymond Davis was arrested, a returned US military officer emailed me half-sentence: "You were right all along."

So my work has been impeccable. Otherwise you wouldn't have been here writing to me with your ridiculous comment above. I am sorry to describe it that way because that's what it is.

As for your big discovery and the website where it's published, let me tell you two things.

It's being presented by this website as a big discoverey but in reality everything it mentions was FULLY DISCLOSED BY ME in my profile on my own website www.

The profile is not there right now temporarily because my site is being improved. The full profile will be back there shortly as we finish renovating the site.

I fully disclosed on my site that I worked as a political consultant in the 1990s. There is one professional association in the world for professional political consultants and it's based in Washington DC and I was a member. The purpose of the association is to make it easier for clients to find suitable consultants.

Now I have a question for you:

1. I write with my name in public, and I fully disclosed all information about me on my website. Now this website does not mention who owns it and what is its purpose. I work in the open and my info is public. Who are these anonymous owners of this website? Did you ask yourself this question?

2. Why is it that these anonymous owners of this website hide their name(s) and attack Pakistanis like me who take pride in defending my homeland against those who have been demonizing it and ridiculing Pakistanis for a decade now?

Of course I ask you these questions to help you think for yourself. For me, I know who the owners of this website are. They are Pakistanis and I know them very well. But who cares? I don't. My work for my country and my people is more important. These parasites hiding behind unknown websites will be washed away with time."