Saturday, November 13, 2010

The Level of Political Discourse

Apologies for the long absence from blogging. Much to write about.

But first, a clip: the latest example of the degeneration of political discourse in this country. Had heard about this yesterday. The channel is Business Plus, the programme The Pulse. The participants are (from left) former information secretary PPP and Bilawal House spokesperson and current adviser to Sindh Chief Minister, Jamil Soomro, former Citizens Police Liaison Committee head Jamil Yusuf, and Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf's Sindh President Naeemul Haq. See it and wonder.

Here's the Daily Times report on this (The Daily Times being, of course, Business Plus' sister concern.) I wonder if their owner Punjab Governor Salmaan Taseer thinks: some excitement at last on Business Plus!


TLW said...

Do you want us to cry?


Poor Jamil Yousuf.

Any point on posting the obvious?

Aamir Mughal said...

Dear Sir,

The words Mr. Jamil Soomro used was totally uncalled for.

Anonymous said...

gunda of ppp showing his true face

Magnum said...


Ghunda of PPP? Err ... but I thought it was the shareefzada of PTI who threw the glass. You sure you watched the vid?

Anonymous said...

What exactly did the PPP guy say? I didn't get the word.

Aamir Mughal said...

He said "Bharwat i.e. Pimping in English. Had it been a private gathering then it would have been fine but on LIVE SHOW??? Instead of using profanity it would've been much better for Mr. Jamil Soomro that he should have mentioned Imran Khan's support to Musharraf's Martial Law in 1999, then Musharraf's Referendum [widely tampered and sham], then Imran's support to PCO Judiciary. When PPP has supporters or advisors like Mr. Jamil then you don't need any enemy. If PPP resort to use this type of language then why they complain about Sheikh Rasheed.

AA said...

Naeem ul Haq: what kind of a politician lets this kind of provocation get to him?

Jamil soomro: Isn't he answerable to anyone in PPP for his conduct/language on tv? wonder how fauzia wahab will defend him.

DT story: what a pathetic description :-(

Saad said...

reprehensible stuff, but i'd really like to say something that might seem irrelevant:

i have this theory about fights in Pakistan: when fights start, the participants actually reach for each others' hands/arms/shoulders and push in a fashion that would suggest the goal is to pin the other person to the floor.

this could proba...bly stem from the influence of kabaddi/kushti as part of the culture [it is the only martial art I know exists in the Sindh/Punjab khitta at the very least], or it could be a chicken-egg riddle and kabaddi/kushti could have resulted from the need to grab the other person and floor them.

they won't really stand a chance if they start their fight against someone who uses quick, high-impact moves like punching/kicking more naturally, because they leave their entire front to be worked on while reaching out like that.

your thoughts, people?

Anonymous said...

@Saad: Yes, irrelevant. But interesting. I have also always wondered about that. The other swift, high-impact moves approach would have been better but we always have the kushti thing going on here.

Saad, you rock man. I thought I was the only one who notices irrelevant but awesome things. EVERYBODY's talking about other shit. But no one was left standing when Saad floored them. Yours was the karate chop to their bland kushti.

Anonymous said...

PTI is rightly called Pakistan Tehreek-e-Idiots. They know it very
well that they have no bases or political roots in Pakistan. All they
do is either use their idiotic tongue and now, throw stuff at other
people. I wish they had done the same when they used to ride on
Musharraf’s lap and campaigned for his referendum.I still remember
Imran Khan acting as Musharraf’s Bir Bal in a referendum jalsa that
took place in Race Course Rawalpindi. It is strange that PTI party
worker through glass on advisor Chief Minister Sindh because When the
founder, dictator and CEO of the PTI, Sir Imran Khan, does not
hesitate to use racist remarks against his political opponents on the
basis of colour of skin, what civility can be expected from his
followers and party workers:

Anonymous said...

Well I strongly criticize the PTI guy he should have cooled down.The PPP are nothing but a bunch of thugs they always use this type of language as they have no defense fr their actions.The PTI guy should have shown better character Nw his action will only give Imran haters more steam