Monday, November 22, 2010

Fashioning Moral Outrage

Oh wow. We've all become so used to the hyperbole of the Western and local language English press around Pakistan Fashion Weeks, that it is sometimes easy to forget how a significant section of society in Pakistan views them. And who better to represent that view than our intrepid Khalifa-ul-Waqt, Ansar Abbasi, who can and will hold forth on anything.

The guardian of Pakistan's values: Ansar Abbasi

Below is a translation of his Urdu op-ed piece published in today's Jang (thanks to @tazeen for drawing my attention to it). It is worth a read, not only because it provides a window to the mindset of Abbasi and possibly many, many others. But also because it draws attention, once again, to the linguistic divide that separates the English reading public and non-English reading public, a divide that is not only tolerated but pandered to. (It is extremely unlikely you would ever read anything like this article in the Jang group's English paper The News or any other English-language paper for that matter.) This article serves to remind you, if anything, that all those post-modernist assumptions about progress in how the role of women in society is discussed, are merely hollow assumptions. Or at least that all those debates have passed Abbasi by without disturbing even a hair in his beard.

I have also yet to understand the mindset of the Jang Group, which launches Amn Ki Asha with great fanfare on the one hand, and has no qualms on the other in making petty-minded jabs about Gandhi and India on Geo on the other (see their coverage of US President Obama's visit to Gandhi's samadi). It will willingly tone down the anti-West moral brigade in The News or on Geo, but allow them free rein in Jang. It will make Geo a media partner of the Fashion Week and provide it wide publicity and, at the same time, run such incendiary pieces about it in its publications (and make no mistake, this article is a call to disruptive action)... Do they really think this is what is meant by 'letting a thousand flowers bloom'?

In any case, here's the article in translation (and here I thought I'd leave the Fashion Week alone):

If Modesty Does Not Remain…
By Ansar Abbasi

"The racket of spreading obscenity and immodesty through fashion shows and catwalks that is fast gaining strength in the Islamic Republic of Pakistan in the name of “enlightened thought”, if immediate action is not taken to stop it, this fire of obscenity will soon engulf civilized households as well. We too will soon cross the extremes of uncivilized behavior and ignorance which have led to the destruction of moral values in Western societies, and where animalistic values have reached such heights that children often do not know their father’s name. Men and women prefer to live together without marriage, whereas the trend of men marrying men and women marrying women is gaining ground. Obscenity and vulgarity have lost their meaning altogether in these societies and have become part of their rituals and tradition which now have legal and moral sanction. For such uncivilized behaviour and ignorance to exist in an un-Islamic and heathen society is not surprising. But for such sort of trends to be nurtured in an Islamic society and in a country founded in the name of Islam is indeed worthy of giving pause for thought.
Hazrat Mohammad (PBUH) decreed that each religion has its own defining value and Islam’s defining value is modesty. In Surah-e-Nur and Surah-e-Ahzab, Allah instructs believers to guard their gaze and their reputations, while women believers have been told in clear terms what their dress code should be and in what state of dress they should leave their homes. In Surah-e-Ahzab, the lack of purdah has been likened to the time of Jahiliyya [ignorance] when women used to dress up and make up to go outside their homes. But it is the height of sadness, that despite Allah’s and his Prophet (PBUH)’s clear directions regarding modesty and the lack of purdah, in Karachi, the largest city of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, the first ten days of the sacred month of Zilhaj were chosen to celebrate a fashion week.
Much like the month of Ramzan is known as springtime for good deeds, so are the first ten days of Zilhaj also very important, compared to normal days, in accruing the blessings of piety. But we chose these days to spread obscenity and vulgarity in the name of fashion. This transformation of a time specially designated for the worship of Allah and doing good deeds, into a Fashion Week in the Islamic homeland of Pakistan, invited action neither from any government organization nor from any other responsible person. And that too, a Fashion Week that seemed like a competition about shedding clothes.
Seeing the highlights of this contest of immodesty and vulgarity on the television screen, I began to doubt my own Muslim-ness and the reason for the creation of Pakistan became blurred in my mind. The women that God had ordered to be in purdah while leaving their houses, could be seen participating half-nude in the fashion show. And those men who had been ordered to lower their gazes, were playing the role of spectators in these displays of immodesty. This show of immodesty was considered very successful and those participating in it expressed the hope that this vulgarity would continue and also that Pakistan can earn a lot of money from the success of the fashion industry. May God protect us from such success and such wealth. Amen.
The grief is not over how a small Westernized minority is out to destroy our religious and social values in this way. But the real sadness is over how, despite the clear instructions of Allah and His Prophet (PBUH), and despite the promise of the Constitution of Pakistan that an environment based on religious values and Islamic teachings will be created in Pakistan so that Muslims can live their lives according to the Quran and Sunnah, there is no one to stop those making fun of Islamic values. I don’t know who allowed such a fashion show to be held. This trend of fashion shows and catwalks began in Pakistan a few years ago and because of a lack of any controls, has gone, as in the West and India, towards obscenity.
Despite seeing this vulgarity on television screens, nobody condemned it and neither was there any protest. No ruler spoke about it and neither did any opposition leader. The Islamic [sic] parties and their leaders also remained silent, and parliament remained as insensate as the administration. If President Zardari and Prime Minister Gilani are unable to see all this, what reasons have compelled Mian Nawaz Sharif, Chaudhry Nisar Ali Khan, Imran Khan, Syed Munawwar Hassan and Maulana Fazlur Rehman to keep silent? Why is the higher judiciary not taking suo moto notice of this vulgarity? Why is Pakistan’s media unable to fathom this evil as evil? At least I don’t have the answers to these questions.
What I am really amazed at is that in a city such as Karachi, where most of the population is educated and politically aware, not even one person came on to the streets in peaceful protest against this vulgarity. If our politicians, parliament, government, judiciary, media and masses are so insensate, we will definitely touch the extremes of moral degeneration like the West. In any case, we don’t have anything left other than shame and modesty and moral and social values. These are the values that raise us above the West. If today we do not guard them and give ourselves to the wind to take us wherever it chooses, we will be completely destroyed.
The current silence and insensitivity is very painful. I wish that we would realize that if today we remain silent about this obscenity and vulgarity because the girls and women performing in fashion shows and abhorrent TV commercials are not our own daughters, then remember that tomorrow, the place of these girls and women could be taken by the daughter, sister, wife or mother of one of today’s spectators or other members of an insensate society and its responsible people. And they will be doing the catwalk half-naked in front of thousands of people."

Don't forget to send Jang and Abbasi some words of appreciation for safeguarding our values.


Anonymous said...

He asks CJ to take a suo moto notice.I think i just shot blood through my eyes.

Anonymous said...

I think he is right
the constitution says that Govt will facilitate the promotion of deen (Islam), whereas here we see that in Pakistan Govt does its best to promote otherwise
Who would disagree that fashion-weeks of semi-nude models is poles apart from Islam and is is clear contradiction of the Islamic rules, and despise the fact that laws are in place to control such things and it is in clear violation of the law of the land, it is allowed to progress and flourish

We were told that pakistan was made of the 'Muslims' of the subcontinent, so it is natural that many of us expect Pakistan to adhere to the Islamic Laws and Standards!
if we can't do that than Pakistan has no right to exist , it should merge with india, such activities are against the very spirit of the creation of Pakistan

Bolshevik said...


Are you for real?

Can someone PLEASE pack these chutyas into a large drill and send it to the center of the earth? Please?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Bolshevik
You spoke like a true 'liberal'

you are the torch bearer of the 'soft pakistan'
keep it up man

Anonymous said...

Oops! Read the last sentence as "keep it up woman"...

Bolshevik said...

Anon, I'm not 'liberal', darlink; I'm commie. Boo!

Anonymous said...

Abbasi is right! We instead of arranging/participating in such so called 'fashion shows', must think for those living without basic amenities of life! We should exhibit austerity rather than ostentations!

Tahir said...

I've never ever been able to understand why seemingly smart well educated people are unable to understand that enforcement of religious beliefs / morals by the state reflects more often then not the beliefs and attitudes of the people enforcing them / in power and usually its for an ulterior motive.

Seriously people need to butt out of other people's business and live their life as they see fit, everyone is going to be judged by God in the end and as none of us has the right to point fingers at others and say "Right" / "Wrong". That's something solely for the maker to decide !!

Btw yeah Ansar Abbas is an A grade douche, bugger doesn't pay any taxes, lies, accuses people of moral turpitude without proof he should take a look in the mirror and realize if there was a true Islamic republic, he'd probably be in jail for any number of moral failings.

Anonymous said...

I blame the Taseers it's all their fault

Tahir said...

For people like disguisedeuphony, dude you have an issue with people arranging / participating fashion shows, then I've got a simple idea for you "Don't Participate!"

Go help people with basic amenities, that is something you feel we should be doing right, so just tell me what have you done in this regard.

Have you donated money to less deserving people, if you have can you say you've donated more then the people who are arranging so called shows.

Have you spent your time helping people who are less deserving, if so can you claim with certainty that you've spent more time then the people who arrange fashion shows.

Do you even know these people ???

You may not like it, but hey if I decide to hold a fashion show / party with my own money, its absolutely my decision and prerogative.

If you don't want to come / you have a moral issue, then don't come, don't participate.

gulmeenay said...


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

This Abbassi needs to be admitted to a mental hospital without late. His libido has driven him crazy and he is going to drive the naive readers more crazy.
I think he feels insecure at his home. May be he suspects the morals of his wife and daughter(s).

Anonymous said...

You must be a closet mullah, you keep highlighting these douche bags via full blog posts. Try, check your unconscious shadow!

Wahaj said...

Awesome... another psuedo-intellectualist article commenting on how big a dueche bag someone else is when all he's trying to do is conveying his point of view (or maybe it is ISI, FIA, JI or your local madarsah molvi's point of view :))

Don't get me wrong... I love articles here. I like the way you guys express your opinion about everything... how great fashion week was or how it projects a 'soft' image of Pakistan abroad or how Jang group and ISI are the centers of evil in Pakistan. Commendable job in introducing us Pakis to the wisdom of the world guys! Plus we all love sipping tea at cafe pyala resting on a charpai..)

I just don't get it when the open minded, liberal, educated and jahan deeda people from the intellectual space in Pakistan fail to practice what they preach... give everyone an equal and open chance of expressing their opinions.

Here Ansar Abbasi is actually expressing the thoughts that more then half of Pakistan's population has after viewing the proceedings of fashion week. They disagree with it in principle and their reason is sound, if you actually would try understanding their reasoning...
If you don't understand how majority of Pakistanis think and what they believe in... I assure you, there is no way in hell you are going to reach them and convey your point of view to them...

Thou... I'd keep on reading the stuff posted here.. yes, yes...i get kicks out of how far from reality the upper level crowd in Pakistan really is :D

Anonymous said...


long live the ISI...

Anonymous said...


are YOU real?

do you understand that what Assar wrote is the view point of the majority of Pakistanis ? and as per democracy you should be respecting the view of the majority rather than calling other names

you represent the small Westernized minority of Pakistan and seriously need a reality check

Magnum said...

Ansar Bakwasi should go to Kashmir, Iraq, Afghanistan or Waziristan, rather than jerking off over pics of catwalkers and then screaming (in ecstasy), "Islam khatrey mein hay!"

That's what men like Bakwasi are: One big reactionary orgasm!

Bolshevik said...


Baeta, yeh middleclass waali chutyapey ki moral brigade does not make a 'majority' of Pakistan -- not even by far. The majority are actually the beautifully-areligious rural awaam (and they have awesomely ambiguous sexual mores too). The people who Ansar Abbasi is claiming to pander to are only slightly more in number than the people he's actually pretending to piss and moan against.

Now crawl back into that jahaalet-infested hole that you came out of and jack off (again) to your ignorance and chutyapey ki self-righteousness. Chalo, shabash.

Aamir Mughal said...

Mr. Ansar Abbasi must be appreciated and praised for his services to Islam and I hope Jang Group/GEO TV Executives would sack all those Female Announcer/News Casters/ANCHOR and Host who wear "indecent" clothes while working for the Jang Group. How dare they wear such nasty clothes in the presence of Mr. Ansar Abbasi. GEO Entertainment and particularly Dr Shaista and women appear on GEO TV should be requested to either wear shuttle cock or you are no more required.

yawar said...

Well said Aamir. Aiikh taraf they show dance, ganay aur Bollywood hangama, and on the other side they have become keepers of the Zia legacy.

Bloody hippocrites. But really, this Ansar Abbasi guy would thrive in a cave in Tora Bora. If he is so conecrned about fashion shows (in which hardly .1% are involved in, then why doesn't he resign from his cosy job in Jang Group? From Akhbar-e-Jehan to Geo to The News (Instep), all enthusiastically cover fashion shoots, shows and what not.

Do they think that they can balance things out by giving a free reign to reactionary idiots like Ansari.

Ansari bhai, we know you were once a paka Jammati, but kindly stick to what you are good at i.e political gossip.

Akbar said...


Anonymous said...

indeed, the judiciary must take action against this obscenity. and did anyone notice that the holier-than-the-pope independent judiciary just acquitted the lahore lawyer accused of torturing to death his 12 yr old christian slave girl? she died of natural causes, they agreed -- stab wounds, fractured ribs and fingernails ripped out notwithstanding.

the sooner this pathetic, criminal excuse for a state falls apart, the better for all of humanity. so bring it on all of you.

Bura Nawab said...

men like Ansar Abbasi would derive a different meaning from the word 'bannana republic.'

because it is from their ... err .. bannanas that reactionaries men usually think from :)

Naseem said...

'In Surah-e-Ahzab, the lack of purdah has been likened to the time of Jahiliyya [ignorance] when women used to dress up and make up to go outside their homes. '

Ansar sahib, where is the above written in Surah Ahzab.

Maar kay Geo? said...

In Ansar's Quran there is.

Well caught, Naseem. These fuckers would go to any leanghts to prove their point. To hell with facts, theological, secular, or whatever.

Arey Ansar, sharam karo. Quran koh bhi na chora. My question too? Kindly tell us kafirs and fahash musalmans, where in the Quran is mentioned what you have quoted?

Stop passing questionable hadiths as Quranic sayings, challoo insaan.

Saad said...

Hey excellent write up.

May I cross post it to another blog? I have already emailed you requesting permission for the same.

Anonymous said...

Abbasi is an ass.....and an idiot too.
I bet you , he would be first in line to get a green card.....

Anonymous said...

there are two recording floating on youtube


Ansar Abasi, himself got one canaal plot in Islamabad though journalist quota, i am unable to get recording of Kashif Abasi program "OFFRECORD" where he invited Ansar Abasi and few other, even Javed Choudry was on telephone, one can easily see Ansar Abasi continous jerk comments, even he was not leaving anyone to speak!


Model Girl said...

Err ... since when did Ansar (nay, to use NFP's word for him), 'Sansar Abbasi' become a columnist?

And yes, he will be the first to run for green card.

Anonymous said...

Wow ! We Pakistanis can't give 4 comments without resorting to gutter language. Prepare for a bomb-shell -its all a Jewish/Zionist/Indian/American conspiracy and we will be emerge victorious with our famine stricken population and bloodthirsty mullahs-

Yay !

Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar said...

is Sansar abbasi a journo or a preacher? dude go find a madrassah if you want to preach this nonsense. these mullahs and closet mullahs should all be exiled to Afghanistan where they can make love to the taliban.

am always amazed by the hypocrisy of and complete lack of journalistic integrity on part of Geo/Jang/The News.

Aamir Mughal said...

Dear Friends,

I had been interviewed by Executive Editor Ms. Humma Ahmed of The News International in 2002 and during those days Ansar was in The News and by the way during the interview Editor was continuously smoking and shared Marlboro with me with non-stop supply of Tea. I wonder if Mr. Ansar Abbasi has ever tried Islamic Lecture on GEO TV's top and Smoking Hot Anchors/Executives Hina Khwaja Bayat, Sana Bucha, Shaista and one of the executive who is super duper smoking hot i.e. Nadia Mazhar and countless others and one must visit the coffee shop in GEO Karachi and I am sure you would get the feeling as if you are in some Disco or Fashion Boutique. Grooming Executive Ms. Agha "groomed" me for an interview/audition as news caster and she was in "Tights".

Anonymous said...

Um, Naseem, I don't agree with any of the dumbass shit the idiot has said, but sorry, he's right about Surah Ahzab. It does say that. I can't quote specific numbers other than number 59 obviously, but it does talk about how, when they were non-Muslims, women used to dress up with their hair open and chust kapray and go out etc. etc. Unless I'm getting confused with Surah Mumtahinah that is, but I'm pretty sure it says that. That aside, though, what a tool. Would Mr. Abbasi prefer that we foster an image of a terrorist country that suppresses its women instead? Fat lot of good that has done us in the past.

Mia G said...

I actually agree with what Tahir and Wahaj said. They are both right. We should live and let live.

Also, doesnt make people that dont agree with you fools. Everyone has a right to their own opinion whether we believe it to be right or not.

Sadly, the reality is that a large majority of Pakistani's agree with Abassi and as twisted as our entanglement between religious righteousness, piety and morals may be we need to understand it in order to understand the populous that is Pakistan.

RK said...

Actually, and this is a little off the point, but I feel like local fashions in Pakistan have become more conservative and more culturally relevant as the industry is maturing. So I find it ironic that he's talking about an "increase in obscenity" when in fact, it's more likely an increase in demand for hyperbolic moral outrage against the Other in Pakistan (and let's face it, EVERYONE is the Other here).

Not to say that I don't consider people (on either extreme) who take fashion deathly seriously to have all their marbles intact, but in their own vapid way many within the industry do try to respond to their sense of culture, the current situation in Pakistan, a national tragedy, and a desire to unite over something positive.

Musalman Agnostic said...

dear molvi Ansar Abbasi,
I have little simpathy for the idiots who go around calling themselves fashionistas. But I would have these idiots hovering around rather than the self-rightous Islamist apologists like you.

So, either get in touch with a madressa or mosque to preach, or become another Aamir Liaqat.

And, sorry, but I just couldn't stop myself in saying that, you are quite an asshole. And yes, assholes (of any faith) make the best preachers.

Anonymous said...

I am sure killing innocent people is far greater crime according to Quran and Hadees. Why dont these murderous mullahs quote Quranic verses to prevent bloodshed.

The so called "Grand" mufti of Deobandis didnt even declare suicide bombing as unislamic. Where does Quran or Hadees allow suicide?

yawar said...

Great point, Anon.

Aamir Mughal said...

Dear Friends,

Its an old trick to get popularity in Pakistan by exploiting the Holy Name of Islam in which Mr Ansar Abbasi is indulged to show the world that Ansar Abbasi is ACTUALLY A SAINT IN THE GUISE OF A JOURNALIST. The same Jang Group of Newspapers/GEO TV and The News International violate Quranic and Hadith commandments on daily basis e.g. in Sunday Magazine pictures of Unveiled Women are published on regular basis [where is the Shairah of Ansar Abbasi] why don't Ansar Abbasi file news against the Female Journalists working in the News International/GEO TV/Jang Group of Newspaper without observing a proper veil.

Showing Off your piety is the most detested act in Islam and Prophet Mohammad [PBUH] declared it a Kind of Shirk Polytheism.

One wonders as to where had gone the so-called Shariah which Ansar Abbasi was trying to defend while defending Sufi Muhammad, Flogging and Taliban while reciting Quranic Verses of Surah-e-Nur[AL-NOOR (THE LIGHT) Chapter 24 from Quran] as if there is only Flogging in Quran particularly in Surah-e-Nur[AL-NOOR (THE LIGHT) Chapter 24 from Quran] and what a fun Ansar Abbasi was reciting Surah Nur Verses to an Unveiled [BAYPARDAH] GEOTV News READER [I wonder where have gone all the verses of Quran regarding Veil in the same Chapter 24 of Quran and some part of the same Chapter 24 was recited by Ansar Abbasi to exploit the issue]..

Talibani and Pro Jamat-e-Islami Journalist - Ansar Abbasi of GEO TV/THE NEWS INTERNATIONAL/JANG Group defending the flogging in a worse possible way in the guise of Quranic Verse of Chapter 24 - AL-NOOR (THE LIGHT) as if there is only flogging in Quran whereas the same newspaper and its TV Channel [GEO TV/THE NEWS INTERNATIONAL/JANG Group] violate every verse of Quran in their every news report and we haven't seen Ansar Abbasi objecting on these violations.

Zee said...

If it soothes your wounded sensibility, seeing that much of pakistan's lower class labour is skilled in the business of kapra-making, fashion shows are a way of promoting this trade and employing several thousands of people in Pakistan at that. Furthermore, fashion should not and is not just limited to Pakistan, as many international buyers attend these shows and proceed to stock them in their shops abroad. So yes, the time of year (islamically) was not a particularly preferable one, but it is not anyones business how much ibaadat the models or atendees did before or after the fashion show. Fact is, we have very few areas left in which we can make positive and favourable impressions abroad. Fashion may be taboo in the religious and narrow circles of Pakistan, but atleast it's doing more for our reputation than any of these pretentious self-named keepers of Pakistan are.

I respect Ansar Abbasi's opinion, but he should really confine his preachiness to the boundaries of him own home.

precious illusions said...

Holding a fashion week is not immoral.
What is immoral is our lack of education, how we criticise others and throw religion in their face.
Our dear prophet never did that and never termed anyone as kafir, something our maulvis and self proclaimed angels have a tendency to do very often.
You want to do something for Pakistan? Open schools, colleges, universities. Be positive and proactive.

rishigajria said...

Here is Ansar Abbasi explaining how the girl who was publicly flogged in Swat was not barbaric but according to the tenets of Islamic law.

Anonymous said...

Lets leave everyone alone. Allah will decide who is right or wrong because only he knows our true intentions and what is in our hearts. Infact, it's a sin to even criticize others. Let it be. For you have nothing to lose if you yourself have a clean heart. There's really no point even getting angry over this writers words. It's his job to write and express his views. There's always a critic about everything. Just take it easy and I don't mean to offend anyone.

ak47 said...

PEMRA is useless!! content needs to be monitored..what happened to Big Boss & Rakhi Sawant show is a good example for our law makers..according to "With the I&B ministry pushing back from telecast of reality shows like Bigg Boss-4 on Colors and Rakhi Ka Insaaf on Imagine from prime time band to post 11pm, the broadcasters stand to take 30% dip in revenues generated from advertising.
Under pressure from the civil society for taking action against broadcasters airing adult and abusive content, the information and broadcasting (I&B) ministry cracked the whip on Wednesday. The I&B ministry has ordered shows like Bigg Boss-4 (Colors) and Rakhi Ka Insaaf (Imagine) to air only after 11pm.
Also, the notice from the I&B ministry states that such shows can not have any repeat telecast between 5am and 11pm. Moreover, the clippings of these reality shows can not be aired on news channels between 5am and 11pm. The channels like Colors and Imagine on their part will have to ensure that no clippings of the programme are provided to any other news or non-news channels for telecast at anytime during the restricted time bands."
Sometimes there is such open trash available on cable channels in our country that as a liberal freind put it " why the fck they want to invite taliban by doing such things". Actually its a question of basic decency.

мσℓαηα said...

Its ridiculous how most of comments stated leave it be.
What the hell wrong went in your Parenting. What would u say if any of those girls was ur sister or mother and ur friends and people start passing comments abt them.

Two things to do
1. Reply with a punch (Your A Hypocryte)
2. Stay quite and do nothing (Your a Bastard to not stand up for your Family respect)

choose wisely which step u take. Leave them be is no solution "You should say No to a thing that is Wrong". The last step is stay quite and DO nothing coz its not in ur power but even then Have hatred for it in ur heart.
U all are quite educated to post here but Hypocrite as well to say Let them do what they like Islam doesn't say this and Islam doesn't say that. Islam is like a food dish to you twist and turn just like the way u want it. BS

"When Islam got Completed all the modernization that was beneficial for mankind was stated in it and it justified it to every step".
Any step other in modernization is going to be wrong and against islam. Thats all abt how well the picture of islam is to u. ITs Complete and justified on every step for me. Maybe some parenting went wrong on your way.

Anonymous said...

i'm so glad my parents sucked now.

Aamir Mughal said...

How did these Journalist “pay” – Some of the prominent journalists allotted plots for construction of flats in G-8 Markaz were Ayaz Amir, Hamid Mir, Aroosa Alam, Ehtashamul Haq, Nusrat Javed, Ishaq Chaudhary, and Nasir Malick. Mir, Haq and ……Alam have already sold their flats at a premium, after paying approximately Rs800,000 to the government. Myth busted: Chief justice also got a plot Rauf Klasra Published in The Express Tribune, November 25th, 2010.

Aamir Mughal said...

Fight amongst Pakistani “Sanctimonious” Journalists on Residential Plots – Part 1 URL:

Aamir Mughal said...

Fight amongst Pakistani “Sanctimonious” Journalists on Residential Plots – Part 2 URL:

Aamir Mughal said...

Now read this "Latest Lecture" DE FACTO CM Sindh “Owais Muzzaffar” aka Tippi Zardari by Mr. Ansar Abbasi Thursday, November 25, 2010, Zilhajj 18, 1431 A.H

Anonymous said...

O you who believe! be careful of(your duty to) Allah and speak the right word,
He will put your deeds into a right state for you, and forgive you your faults; and whoever obeys Allah and His Messenger, he indeed achieves a mighty success.

Anonymous said...

The Hypocrites, men and women, (have an understanding) with each other: They enjoin evil, and forbid what is just, and are close with their hands. They have forgotten Allah; so He hath forgotten them. Verily the Hypocrites are rebellious and perverse.
Quran 009.067

Anonymous said...

Ansar Abbasi the new Ameer ul Momineen of Pakistan!!?! First of all he does what all "good journalists" of pakistan do and portrays his opinion as facts...These models, male and female, were NOT semi-naked. Secondly, as someone up here says he is NOT portraying the views of half of Pakistan. They don't give a shit about fashion week, they care about "roti, kapra and makaan" instead he is feeding their ignorance and fuelling extremist views. Finally since when is the Jang group and Abbasi upholders of all things Pakistani and Islamic...I thought that was The Nation's job!? ""Don't forget to send Jang and Abbasi some words of appreciation for safeguarding our values."" I mean seriously??

Anonymous said...

Those who love the life of this world more than the Hereafter, who hinder (men) from the Path of Allah and seek therein something crooked: they are astray by a long distance.

Ye cannot escape in the earth, for beside Allah ye have no protecting friend nor any helper. (Quran 042.031)

Our Lord! surely we have heard a preacher calling to the faith, saying: Believe in your Lord, so we did believe; Our Lord! forgive us therefore our faults, and cover our evil deeds and make us die with the righteous.

Magnum said...

WTF?? All these Anons qouting from the Quran, what the hell are they suggesting.

But good to see the Quran thumpers visiting CP now as well.

Thank you, Ansar sahib. You reactionary ass.

Anonymous said...

And if you invite them to guidance, they will not follow you; it is the same to you whether you invite them or you are silent.

Then your hearts hardened after that, so that they were like rocks, rather worse in hardness; and surely there are some rocks from which streams burst forth, and surely there are some of them which split asunder so water issues out of them, and surely there are some of them which fall down for fear of Allah, and

Allah is not at all heedless of what you do.