Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Bizarre Newspaper Headline of the Day

Run for your lives, art vultures! Picasso's still alive, he's cloned himself into a small army, and all of them are mighty pissed at how much money you've been making off them!

From Dawn's 'International Pages':

Page 11 of Dawn today

In case you have difficulty reading from the image, the story - about a cache of hitherto unknown works by the master painter discovered at an electrician's home - is headlined "Horde of Picassos discovered in Paris."

Shall we give this the "I Work for an English Paper But Find the Language Really Confusing" Award in today's Bizarre Newspaper Headline Contest?


Anonymous said...

And the Picasso hordes stormed across the steppes of Central Asia, raping and pillaging all before them...

faisal yaqoob said...

I've noticed that seem to be getting this shit wrong quite often now. ever read the headlines of the geo news feeds? retardedly ridiculous!

Ullta Seedha said...

Hmmm ... signs of Zaffar Abbas taking over as Editor of Pakistan's largest English daily?

Never thought it was sucha good idea.

Anonymous said...

am i the only one who didn't think there was anything strange/wrong with this headline?

see here for example:

Anonymous said...

and i take back what i just wrote!

clearly missed it!


Anonymous said...
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Ali said...

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