Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Storm in ARY's Teacup (Updated)

The journo bulletin boards are abuzz about confusing goings-on within ARY.

According to the reports (among them, this one from JournalismPakistan), the ARY's longtime Lahore Bureau Chief Nasrullah Malik has either resigned or been sacked, along with at least four other staffers. An email letter circulated among staff by CEO ARY Network Salman Iqbal warns them about Mr Malik calling up staffers in other bureaus to urge them to resign in his support and says Mr Malik's claims that he had resigned over delays in salary payments and other work-related issues are not true. The letter calls upon the staff to pay no heed to the attempts to tarnish ARY's reputation. There are unconfirmed reports also of ARY's Director News Mohsin Raza having also submitted his resignation. Earlier rumours of Dr S&M having similarly turned in his papers seem to have been, unfortunately, untrue.

According to unverified sources, Mr Malik was either forced to resign or sacked for allegedly misappropriating funds meant for the needy, particularly the flood-affected, under the umbrella of the ARY-set up Khwaja Ghareeb Nawaz Trust. Mr. Malik apparently denies the (whispered) allegations and has threatened to take ARY management to court. There are also rumours of other staff demanding their pending dues to be cleared immediately and that the current problems are associated with certain recently announced administrative appointments. Whatever the truth of the matter, there seems to be plenty of storm raging in the ARY teacup at the moment.

Anyone know what's really going on?


It seems we got some of our information - culled from the bulletin boards - incorrect. Salman Iqbal did, in fact, accuse Nasrullah Malik in writing of embezzlement. We now have access to the actual letters written to and fro, which we are reproducing below without any editing whatsoever. Readers may judge their worth themselves.

From ARY Network CEO and MD Salman Iqbal:

From: Salman Iqbal
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 17:45:40 +0000
Subject: Nasrullah

Dear All
With a very heavy heart I am writting this email to all of you. I would have never writted this email, and this issue would have gone to the grave with me. But after what all has happened I have no choice but to write this email to all off you.

As you all know that nasrullah malik has resigned, and with him he made 4 other reporters resign. Not only that but he has been calling all the reporters in all the bureaus to resign to show his strength, not only that but he has also made phone calls to Dr shahid and many others saying that I salman Iqbal has fired Dr shahid. Let me reiterate with the strongest heart that this is not true. I have neither fired dr shahid not intend to, and nor have I made any list to fire any other reporter or people on the desk. These are all rumors spread by one person to make our organization week.

I am really proud of the boys who did not listen to nasrullah and worked with all there spirit and good heartdness as always.I thank them once again The actual fact why nasrullah resigned is because he was asked to do so. Nasrullah has worked for over 8 years in our organization and was an integral part of it. Nasrullah was actually a face of ARY news in punjab. Half of the province actually thought he was the owner or a shareholder of ary. You all would thinking why was he asked to resign. I with a very heavy heart now have to disclose the truth.

He was asked to resign cause he had stolen money in the name of charity of KhwAja ghareeb nawaz trust. He was confronted by me personally on the phone and he accepted it. Thru ammad I had asked him to come to karachi last to last friday when I was there. And he said he would come. When I spoke to him on the phone he accepted his crime and promised it will never happen again. To which I didn\'t agree. I told him to quietly resign and leave and nothing will happen to him nor will this ever come out.

Resign he did, which I accepted with a big heart. This story would have never come , but what he did after his resignation is not accpetable and neither is professional. He is telling everybody that he resigned due to non payment of salaries and other issues. Which is not true. He was aksed to leave cause even previously I use to get many calls from people that he use to take bribes for his work. Although his brother was convicted for a murder in punjab I tried my level best to get him released from jail, and we got successful in doing that. When I use to hear such things I never believed it and always use to write it off. But when I actually got proof os him stealing money in the name of charity and using it for his personal gain, that was it.

The sad part here is that I had forgiven him for his sins, but he instead of departing quietly started creating panic in our organization, in every level possible. From top level status of dr shahid, to even sweepers in ARY lahore. Which was very heart breaking and that\'s why I had no option but to tell the whole organization of his sins.

I really sorry that I had to disclose the truth to all of you, cause I had no other option. Today is a sad day at ARY, and it is very sad for me in 3 counts. One I had to let go of my very close person nasrullah, and the second cause he stole from us and third he tried to break us in two.

I am grateful that I have a strong team that\'s why nasrullah failed to break us in to 2. People who have left under nasrullah\'s influence are week and dependent on him, and they have no standing of there own. And they were scared that without nasrullah there weakness would have been seen by everyone. I love my team and I know all of you are loyal people. And all of you tried really hard to get nasrullah back into ARY. You all should now know that\'s the reason why nasrullah shut his phone for 5 days and even though being in dxb did not have the courage to meet me or even call me when a lot of his colleagues asked him too. You all must have gotten your answer, cause he had confronted to me for his theft, and he had no words to talk to me.

Let\'s put our head down, and work really hard to bring this organization back to no 1. Let\'s stand together and fight these rumors off. And I am really grate to dr shahid for his strength that he has shown in this whole turmoil, by standing besides me and helping me thru all this.

Thank you all

Salman iqbal
CEO and managing director.
ARY Network.

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 Reply from Nasrullah Malik, former Lahore Bureau Chief ARY News:

From: Nasrullah Malik
Date: Mon 20 Dec 2010

Mr. Salman Iqbal
Keeping in view our long relation and personal association I wanted to quit my job in a dignified manner so I resigned on December 14, 2010. You Know it well how you and your cronies beg me to withdrew my resign and return to my job. Everyone Knows inside and outside ARY the way my team and I served the organization even with our blood wherever required. Being owner of a channel network it is your prerogative to hire and fire people. But in the same way it is a right of an employee to decide if he wants to continue or quit his Job. Obviously you can not own people. It is always mutual trust that works both ways. With salaries delayed and working environment deteriorating it was impossible for an honest journalist to continue job in such a channel.

However, it was beyond my imagination that you could slip down so much to come up with such a pack of lies against me. Unfortunately my approach about you was wrong because the family in which I groomed I am taught to trust friends and reciprocally individual like you having love for money alone and no regards for any moral value or manners have shown your true face.

By the grace of Allah Almighty, I am confident that people who know both of us having courage to give honest opinion will stand by my side on all your false accusations against me. I challenge you and anybody else who is of your opinion to prove even the smallest of false charge you leveled against me in my whole professional career. Further, I am ready to declare all my assets at any forum and I challenge you to come forward and do the same.

After reading those lines you wrote about me, I have doubts about your mental health. For instance, you blamed me of embezzling money from Kh. Ghareeb Nawaz Trust which is solely owned and operated by your family. Those who know your family can be witness to what I have said. I suppose after earth quake of 2005 and recent flood it is high time that you and your family made accountable to give the details of single penny that was donated by people from allover the world.

As for as the matter of my taking bribe or favors is concerned, it is not in my blood. Further, I belong to that group of thought who earn and take to their homes all what is Halal. I do not come from your family and I do not have NAB References against me. I have not committed any fraud with individuals, banks and companies in UAE. It is not my nature to stab friends in the back the way you did. People know that I am in Lahore where I have been living for over two decades but your family has absconded from Dubai after embezzling money and dishonoring of cheques. Allah knows well who is honest and who cheated even his family.

Those four journalists you try to label as vermin, actually served ARY over the years with their utmost dedication and best of abilities. Most experienced and reputed among them is Mr. Suhail Shahryar son of a noble family. In his over twenty years of journalistic experience before joining ARY he also served as Bureau Chief of Online Int. News Network in Lahore for seven years.

Similarly, Mian Mohammad Aslam is also a seasoned journalist known for his accurate and exclusive reporting among the journalist community in Lahore. He served in three major national dailies before joining ARY. He has remained a major contributor of exclusive stories to the channel. Two young stars of journalist community in Lahore are Asad Sohaib and Zulqarnain Sheikh whom you blamed for being parasites.

I am really ashamed that you wrote that you supported me in false murder case against my brothers. The fact is that you haven’t done any thing for me in that case and the government of that time witnessed me fighting it all alone without any favor from any body. I believe on merit and it was my conviction that Allah helps those who are on the right path. People know how you are trying to settle your nab and fraud cases with the help of media and official support.

I will now show your true face to whole of Pakistan, especially people in the media. On the false allegations you leveled against me Allah will make you answerable. At the same time I am approaching independent judiciary in the country to make you accountable for baseless charges against me and I am going to file a liable suit against you in the court.

Nasrullah Malik
20th of December 2010

As a superfluous aside, please note the following two missives from Dr S&M sent immediately after Salman Iqbal's letter to the staff:

First email from Dr S&M, President ARY Network:

From: Dr Shahid Masood
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 16:42:28 +0000
Subject: My status/position

Dear All,
We in organisation are all aware of a situation which emerged after some of our colleagues resigned from lahore. It was followed by another unpleasant incident in islamabad office.

During last one hour I received calls from media industry including one very important one (about which I informed salman sb immediately). I was involving my own status. Although salman sb categorically denied and we both are on same page in all decisions taken during last few days/months. Even then I" offer" my resignation if it can be helpful in resolving the issues.

I request all the team members to avoid creating/listening to rumours.

Best wishes.

Dr Shahid Masood

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Second email from Dr S&M, President ARY Network:
From: Dr Shahid Masood
Date: Sun, 19 Dec 2010 17:16:59 +0000
Subject: Re: My status/position

Dear All,
Just to clarify the resignation word in my previous email. Its just an"offer",as I haven\'t resigned. The purpose was to convey a message that no one is above the organisation,including myself. As Winston Churchill said"let our advance worrying become advance thinking and planning".

Dr Shahid Masood.

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Mehreen Kasana said...

Ab samajh ayi waafir kism ki.

Anonymous said...

Is it just me or these top executives can't write English to save their own lives (jobs/Trust)

Anonymous said...

man none of these journos/anchors can write for shit. so many typos. shameful.

this ARY seems to be one classy, professional organization. if I worked for them, I would be looking for a different employer.

AI said...

Forget the letters between Salman Iqbal and nasrullah malik. I just loved the two intellectually sound and extremely thoughtfully worded emails from Shahid Masood. He is awesome

Ullta Seedha said...

"Earlier rumours of Dr S&M having similarly turned in his papers seem to have been, unfortunately, untrue."

Lol. Very unfortunate, indeed. :) This ass should be chased out.

Anonymous said...

"liable suit" FTW

Anonymous said...

Please be kind to mention PressPakistan where these emails were circulated exclusively to all media.


PressPakistan, with a focus on quality, not quantity, is country's most favorite and authentic platform of national and international journalists belonging to the print, electronic and online media.

Anonymous said...

Pls. update the story by mentioning from which forum these copies of emails received.

Anonymous said...

Holy mother of god. Backbiting, embezzlement, murder charges aside, I think I'm more aghast at the level (or lack thereof) of English syntax/grammar and the atrocious typos and misplaced pronouns than anything else. Is THIS the standard of one of the biggest news organizations of our country??!?


Magnum said...

ARY, one of the biggest news organizations?

They used to sell fucking jewellery!

What's even worse, they now have onboard hate mongers like Aamir Liaqat and Dr. S&M ... not to forget that war siren, Kashif Abbasi, who seriously needs to geta sex-change operation.

Pakteahouse said...

"Earlier rumours of Dr S&M having similarly turned in his papers seem to have been, unfortunately, untrue."


Anonymous said...

you can't make up this kinda sordidness... luv it!

Anonymous said...

Which language are these letters written in?
"Advance worrying"?
"I was involving my own status"?
"the family in which I groomed I am taught to trust friends and reciprocally individual like you"

I want a ban on this phrase "true face" forever in media.

Anonymous said...

A typical bullshit in Cafe's Pyala!

Zeenia said...

What's with Salman Iqbal and "heart" and Nasrullah Malik and "blood"?
Good post as always, Cafe Pyala!

da real slim shady said...

I donno much about the issue but boy the English was pathetic, i mean it was 'writted' pathetically.

Anonymous said...

Wow! what's with all the commentators pointing out problems with the 'English' ?
such arrogance ?

Guys, get off your high horses, English is not our native language and even if it were it would have made no sense in pointing out spelling mistakes from private emails of individuals written hastily from BB and under a stressful situation

Anonymous said...

Mr. Hashwani as well as Mr. Mansha are both launching their own news channels within the next few months. Dr.Shahid Masood will soon join one of them. Just keep watching. Aagay aagay dekhiye hota hai kya.

Anonymous said...

ARY seems to be a thankless organisation. Nasrullah Malik is a well-known journalist and maintains a very good reputation within the media community. The text of Salman Iqbal email strongly exposes him as an immature individual. Dr. Shahid Masood's email doesnt say anything except one thing that he wants to say somthing which he cant not explain in plain english. It seems that Dr. Shahid Masood was actually behind Nasrulla's sacking as Dr. Shahid Masood sacked another senior exective of ARY named Shahid Mahmood couple of months ago

Anonymous said...

This episode is indicative of the rot in Pakistani media. Why and how Nasrullah, a second rate journo from KPI and daily Insaaf and a member of Jamat Islami and Jamiat, ended up as ARY bureau head? Why this issue of delayed salaries comes up every now and then? It seems the entire Pakistani media is being managed in the same ham-handed manner.

Sajam Nethi said...

Nice post.

Now, can we have a post with all the details of how much Salman Taseer/Business Plus/Daily Times owes to its terminated employees and why governor Sahab can't afford to pay them?

Keep up the great work

Anonymous said...

@Anonymous 10:48 pm

These are NOT private emails between individuals – these are company wide emails sent by no less than the CEO communicating groundbreaking personnel changes within the company. Whether he chooses to communicate in English, Urdu, Persian or Swahili is HIS prerogative – but in times of crisis there needs to be effective (to say the least) and crystal clear communication from the top tier of management to help allay any fears or quell misconceptions, lest to speak of such atrocious grammar and typos. The very fact that you feel it is okay for a CEO of a company to send out a hastily written email under a stressful situation to all employees in the company speaks volume.


KH said...

It's not that the quality of the English used in these emails is bad, it's that the thought process they show is crude, juvenile and worryingly immature. Sadly it's also highly representative of the mental level of the majority who work in media.