Thursday, January 14, 2010

Instructions of the Day

This one was forwarded to us, so whoever took the pic, please accept this as acknowledgement.

For those who cannot read Urdu, here is the transliteration and translation of these precise instructions:

1. Latrine ka darwaza band kar ke baithain ['Close the latrine door before sitting down']

2. Apni shalwar pehen ker latrine se baahir aayein ['Put on your shalwar before coming out of the latrine'  (although it could also be interpreted as 'Put on your OWN shalwar before coming out of the latrine').]

3. Latrine aur ghusal khanay mein likhna aur baatein karna gunaah hai ['Writing and talking in the latrine and bath room is a sin'. (It's not just not allowed, it'll lead to damnation!...But talking??? You now understand why the alternative interpretation of the Second Commandment might be more appropriate?]

4.Latrine aur ghusal khanay free hain ['Latrines and bath rooms are free' (though obviously, you're not free to do whatever, if you get the above drift).]

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