Saturday, January 16, 2010

Yousuf Spells It Out

Pakistan cricket team's tableeghi-in-chief skipper Mohammad Yousuf has finally come out and said it like it is.

Yousuf: Candid tongue

In The News today, he is quoted as saying:

"If you expect something of this side, then maybe that is the wrong expectation."

You have to admire the clarity of thought and the brevity of the statement. Of course, it's taken 14 dropped catches (so far), a number of missed run-outs, two ridiculous run-outs on a flat track at Hobart, two consecutive and shameful test match losses and the imminent prospect of a third, to get him to admit this. But as they say in Urdu, 'daer aaye, durust aaye' (better late than never)...

Oh yeah, and he called Salman Butt "a little lazy runner." You just feel he probably wanted to use some other word than "runner", but for Mohammad Yousuf - who has never been one of Pakistan's more sprightly sprinters between the wickets - to say this, you know it means something.


2 Tok said...

Cafe Pyala - leave cricketers alone. They are not worth discussion for what they say. What you expect from high school drop outs? Even their recent cricket performance is not worth discussion.

Reverse Swing said...

I wonder if his level of belief is such in his team and his own abilities what he was doing there? Preaching Pointing? To convince him I guess he need a clean sweep over Aussies then he might consider listening to him.