Saturday, January 9, 2010

Verbal Dasti

You can always rely on PPP MNA Jamshed Dasti, who is also unfortunately the Chairman of the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Sports, to come up with a quotable turn of phrase.

Remember, this is the man who accused - without a shred of evidence one might add - the Pakistan cricket team of match-fixing the moment they lost in the ICC Champions' Trophy, which led to Younis Khan resigning as captain in a huff.

This is Mr. Dasti talking about Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman Ijaz Butt whose sacking he has belatedly called for  after the Sydney test match:

“He (Butt) has gone too old,” Dasti said. “Mr Butt is physically unfit, he can’t even walk properly, he can’t even see properly.”

And this from a bizarre report about the Pakistan hockey team being fined for posing for photographs with their female Liaison Officer at the Champions Challenge tournament in Argentina:

“It is not our culture to hug a lady,” said Jamshed Dasti, chairman of Pakistan’s lower house standing committee on sports.

Aah, the joys of living in Pakistan. Someone should start compiling the Dasti Book of Quotable Quotes.


Anonymous said...

If this man is an MNA, can we please call for the sacking of the PPP selection committee too?

Mohsin Meer said...

Non-seriousness is the most played sport in Pakistan after Cricket so PPP ki Dasti is rightly chosen - Chairman of the National Assembly's Standing Committee on Sports.