Wednesday, January 20, 2010

We Had Nothing To Do With This, We Swear!

You think we have a monopoly on exposing the underbellies of media organizations? Or think we have a personal agenda? Think again.

Here's Tazeen from A Reluctant Mind writing a candid personal account of her interview in an unnamed media organization.

This one's for all of you tearing into each other in the comments section of my (rather civil, I may add) post about the changes at Dawn. Enjoy! And no points for guessing who it's about.


Anonymous said...

Why did you tag the Express Tribune bastard?

Anonymous said...


Omar R Qureshi.

Annie said...

Because it's common knowledge that the Express Tribune has been treating anyone with caliber like crap. I know many people who have gone through the same thing (and at times, much worse) only to be told much later that they're simply not good enough. And this is coming from the detergent sellers (HA!) and seasoned journalists like yourself, Mr Quraishi, and of course, Mr Kamal Siddiqi.

On a side note, perhaps you should reserve the profanities for your subs at ET? God knows you're going to need it what with ET's policy of hiring 'corporate types.

CPM said...

@Anon954: It was a mistake, no need to get your knickers in a twist. Has been corrected.

@Anon1127: Bad try whoever you really are. Omar R. Qureshi has commented on this blog before and has used his own ID, not hid behind misleading anonymous claims.

@Annie: Please read comment to Anon1127 above.

Rehan Daudi said...

1. Even if Annie was fooled by the post, she is right in pointing to ET treating people with calibre like shit. Tazeen has written just one piece, but there are so many other stories to tell. All confirm to us that if you didnt agree to the offer on table (what they wanted to get from you, not what you are good at or experienced in) you were not hired.

2. Before ET had started hiring, people were saying that it will change the industry with the pay scales it was offering. It tunred out that it was all money for people who were not journalists. I dont know what Bilal Lakhani is thinking about his staff, but I would be thinking about whether my money has been well spent or if it has been wasted.

3. Today, Kamal Siddiqi is the editor, and he has built his own team. His decision, its the one that matters. Tomorrow, if someone else was hired to be the editor, then they will bring in their own team. The industry is small, and very competitive. Lets hope that whenever Kamal Siddiqi leaves ET, the new editor does not promote mediocrity and respect those with talent.

2 Tok said...

When ET is launching?

a said...

who is Annie? I am Annie!

Annie said...

A: There can't be two Annies in this world?

a? said...

which Annie is which? "A" is the "D" Annie so who is the other Annie? Annie??? Annie ? Annie are you okay Annie?

Omar R Quraishi said...

thanks for pointing that out cpm -- whenever i post here it is under my real name -- not hiding behind any pseudonyms

Anonymous said...

would they also teach their HR people some manners.

They Call you and ask you to turn up over the next two hours????

I mean, WTF!! did no one teach them how to make contact with any person for an interview?? and this after they try to promote their "Corporate" style journalism.

Get real ET!!