Monday, January 25, 2010

Video of the Day

Watch the clip till the end.

Three things we know about Imran Khan from this clip of his address to his party workers in Ilford:

1. He has balls.
2. He is a racist.
3. He may have a future as a stand-up comic.


Anonymous said... interesting that i too wrote about points number one and two (albeit in a much more long winded fashion than you) in the blog post i just published.

Psst! Cafe Pyala is the most original blog in the pakistani blogosphere.

Hamza said...

Oh, this is hillarious! Imran Khan is a terrible politician, but if he keeps this up, GEO or somebody should just give him a talk show. I'm sure he'll be a smashing success!

FZ said...

this type of joke maybe racist...but it must be made in one form or another about a million times a day across Pakistan...and I'm sorry but it is so damn funny!

Saad Ghauri said...

How the hell is this racist?

Tazeen said...

Move over Russel Peters, we have a new comedienne in town who can crack racist jokes as well as you do and has a much better wardrobe :)

XYZ said...

@Saad Ghauri: For an understanding, please refer to Sabizak's far more detailed and well-written post on her blog:

P.S.: Did you go to Aitchison too?

Anonymous said...

He's right when he says 'Pakistan main trend hai...'
Following that trend, Imran Khan does not say Sita white's daughter is not his, he says Babar Ghauri has a dark complexion.

Mr Brown, madarch*d racist. Dozakh main Africa ka habshi hee is ko rape keray ga inshallah.

Mungal Panday said...

@ anon above, i think his point is that "shakal milna" is not much of an argument. And its definitely not a sane rebuttal to Altaf's murders.

And its funny that you are so angered by racism, and yet you use the term "African Habshee"

takhalus said...

i remember the show he is referring was Capital Talk..Ghauri was going after him in an absolutely vicious manner..i think ol Immy lost his cool at the end. Mind you he is supposed to have quite a temper..

Anonymous said...

Truth about MQM becomes rascism.Strange enough/
What else can we expect from ethnontionalist mohajers who can abuse Pakistan in India.

Shahab Riazi said...

I think I remember the program that he is talking about. IK had not made that joke on air about looking for his kids in Africa on air after Babar G. had gone after him in reference to the Sita White situation. This is a case of Imran making the mistake of stooping to the level of Babar G. and others, more than anything else. From what I know of him, he is better than that.

Magnum said...

Allah iss shakhs (did I say, sucks!) koh aqal dey. Will someone please pack him off to London ... or better still, Waziristan. He'll find a lot of desi gora folks there.
No wonder his love affair with the Taliban just wont end. I mean, how many Afreekan-Pakistanis will have to die for Immy's romance with fair skinned Taliban to die?

Anonymous said...

Hilarious - You must admit - most of what he said is right -

kona berwalla said...

you could certainly pass this off as a stand up comedy.

Umair Javed said...

I actually went through the torture of sitting through his one hour 40 odd minute speech. Not once did he mention the words army or Balochistan. He praised Hamir Mir and Kashif Abbasi, scorned every single politician including Commando Mushy but refrained from making a comment on how the army is currently occupying Balochistan or how dictatorship is a systemic problem arising out of an inherent imbalance within the state structure. I'll stick my neck out and make the claim that this man is your next homegrown establishment politician.

Sajid said...

Sorry - that's not a racist comment - i think cafe pyala is trying a little too hard to be PC.

He simply said there is a true likeness - it only racist if you think there is something wrong with having a likeness to black people - I don't. Neither does Imran.

Imran is a national treasure for being a big balled arrogant arse - thats why we love him.

Najam said...

Three things we know about this blog from your post:

1. You are a possible MQM Supporter.
2. You are a typical karachite.
3. Your understanding of term, racism needs some tune-up.

XYZ said...

@Najam: Four things we can deduce from your comment:

1. You think Imran Khan is the messiah
2. You are a Lahori with an inferiority complex about Karachi
3. You have no understanding about the dynamics of racism
4. After the above, the rest really does not matter.

Najam said...

@XYZ: Two things now that your above comment confirms:

1. You are a confirm MQM supporter, which explains how none of your story elaborates on crimes of Altaf Hussain loserface.

2. You're desperate enough to pull an insult out of the video.

And responding to your 'inkashafaat'

1. You think Imran Khan is the messiah

- Not at all. I think he's a terrible politican

2. You are a Lahori with an inferiority complex about Karachi

-Karachi is a beautiful place I love it.

3. You have no understanding about the dynamics of racism

- Racism isn't synonymous with resemblance.

sahaafi_braadri said...

@Najam: I despise the MQM. And no, my impression of the MQM isn't frozen in time. It is based on the very latest situation on the ground. I think the kid-gloves with which the mainstream media treats the MQM should be a good topic for this blog.

BUT. I love "typical Karachiites". I abhor Imran Khan's politics. And the video did show racism on his part.

The problem here is, judging by your original point 2, so are you.

You reinforce the current, absolutely erroneous (is there any other kind?) stereotype that anyone against the MQM has a racist motive.

Najam said...

And I haven't fallen flat on Imran Khan either nor that I dream of Altap bhai.

Typical karachittes are good, I agree.. but I feel bad for the ones who blindly promote and defend MQM's acts, and this thing only happens in karachi, its not being racist, its just identifying people by what they are.

I have beef with how MQM is treated as a 'political party' now and how people would instantly go against anyone who'd raise voice against them. It can rather be termed as an argument for sake of an argument.

Anonymous said...

lemme guess...u guys are SUPER pro-altaf hussein, anything said against MQM and Altaf bhai will be met with abject disapproval, copious satire and unerring, wrathful judgment.

these inherited biases are such crap man. If you read enough articles in this blog you start seeing a very distinctive guys arent analyzing anything, youre using this as a platform to air your prejudices just as Amir Liaaqat does, just as Imran Khan did and like any other crappy news medium (Geo, Aaj etc.)

I am sorely disappointed.

Ali Chishti said...

Let's accept that, MQM is the only political party with it's pitfalls to have delivered to her constituents.
Apparently, Imran has lost it. There's no comparison.

Taimur said...

what about your own racism. this is a classic example of hypocrisy