Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Open Season On Abuse

Well, if you thought Mustafa Kamal using phrases like "ulloo ke pathay" and "laanat bhejta hoon" on live television was over-the-top (it should be pointed out that he did apologize for his outburst later), what would you say to Lt. General (r) Rashid Qureshi referring to Khwaja Asif of the PML(N) as a "chutiya aadmi" on live tv?!!

Yes, believe it or not, this altercation happened on Javed Chaudhry's Express TV show titled Kal Tak last night. I think it's Qureshi who ends up with the final epithet, though in the sound confusion, it could well have been Asif too, since both are equally fast and loose with their tongues. You can see the conflagaration in all its sordid glory in this clip (courtesy zemtv):

The gaalam galoch begins after Chaudhry takes both Qureshi and Asif on air at around 19:30 onwards, with the culmination occurring around 23:30.

There is a much clearer sounding clip available here on pkpolitics.com but that one seems to have been censored after-the-fact, with stronger words bleeped out. (For the record the verbal fight happens between 15:30 and 19:30 on this censored clip.) The original with Qureshi calling those accusing General Musharraf of murdering Akbar Bugti "jhootay" (liars) and Asif responding by calling him a "do numberi" general (fake general), a "chamcha" (sucker-upper) and Qureshi ending up by calling him a "chutiya aadmi" ('asshole' is the closest I can think of translating this as), is what television viewers actually heard.

Given the levels of the people being asked to come on air and the absolute incompetence of anchors like Javed Chaudhry (remember when Kashmala was called a prostitute on his show a few months ago?) to control their guests, shouldn't a time-delay be installed by television channels on their live programmes?


Anonymous said...

well mr.Asif seems to be not wrong.

XYZ said...

@Anon732: Oh I agree with him in this case. Rashid Qureshi is a total idiot and sifarshi with a pea for a brain. Yet, I am not a fan of Khwaja Asif's civility. Or convinced yet that Bugti was deliberately killed. Or that just because he's dead he should be immediately called a shaheed. (The man was a self-confessed murderer.) My issue is only with the level of debate on our tv channels.

2 Tok said...

Cafe Pyala - Again, you have stole the Season & Show. What is on Live tv and highlighted by you very often is their real self - which comes out unwarranted and they are "caught on wrong twist of tongue".

2 Tok said...

Jang Multimedia: http://bit.ly/8iBFZi via @addthis ====>2 many ULLU K PATTHAY in #Pakistan????????????

Jaydev said...

Hindi is not my first lang..though to best of my knowledge
"Chutya"'s English equivalent would be CUNT and not asshole.

A uniquely Indian expletive, endearing and rather harmless compared to other abuses, classifies the recipient as either an idiot, or an ignoramus or someone behaving stupidly. Derived from Chut, hindi for vagina.

takhalus said...

JC seems to excel in these kind of things..quite disgraceful..even HM attempts to defuse his often self created tamashas.

sahaafi-baraadri said...

I had sort of thought it was Khwaja Asif who said chutiya. He is specially loose with his tongue.

He was at his best, I recall, on the floor of the National Assembly, which I was covering as a reporter, after the whole Governor's Raj episode in the Punjab. The government was planning to set up "mobile courts". KA, in his speech, started decrying the "gashti adaaltein". Everybody started laughing and the Speaker could not even expunge the words or give him a shut-up call because, hey, that is the technical Urdu name for it.
Chutiya, on the other hand, cannot have a non-asshole/cunt context.

Ahsan said...

At least he added the "aadmi". That was a nice touch.

XYZ said...

@Jaydev: Thank you for that well explained correction. You are probably right.

@sahaafi-baraadri: Actually, as I pointed out in the post, I could be wrong about who said it. Initially, I too thought it was Asif but repeated hearing made me think it was Rashid Qureshi.

@Ahsan: yes, very urbane :)

Atif I Malik said...

KA is very comfortable in using such kind of words, so is the RQ.

They are public character, and should have left impact on voter & viewer.

2 Tok said...

Read this one from daily Express;