Monday, January 25, 2010

Kaminey! - Updates

Precisely as I feared in my earlier post. Sigh!

This from Dawn on January 21.

Cable operators to boycott IPL telecast
Thursday, 21 Jan, 2010
LAHORE: As the Indian Premier League (IPL) controversy deepens, cable operators on Thursday announced a ban on the telecast of IPL matches.
Heeding a call by the sports minister, the Cable Operators Association of Pakistan (CAP) announced a boycott of the telecast of all the IPL matches after none of the Pakistani players were selected for the league.
The announcement was made at a press conference in Lahore.
Addressing the conference, CAP President Captain Retd. Jabbar Ahmad said that the association condemned the attitude of Indian Cricket Board.
He said that the decision was taken in a meeting of the cable operators association and it will be implemented across the country.

In addition to this reaction (how will Geo Super deal with this?), so far, there have been calls for banning Indian films in Pakistani cinemas once again (a real case of cutting off the nose to spite the face, if it happens, in my opinion), a parliamentary delegation has cancelled its plans to visit Delhi and the government had stopped the Election Commission from sending some of its officials to meet with their respected counterparts in India. As I predicted, madness now rules.


Mungal Panday said...

Great, now the Pakistani public is being excluded from the IPL as well. Only, this time its by our own operators.

I think YouTube is streaming the matches live tho, so no worries.

WHS said...

Hia Bechara Geo PUPER
oh sorry i mean GEO SUPER!!!

GEO TU AISAY............:P

Gibran said...

If there's something that needs to be banned, it's the telecast of Pakistan's Australian tour. Painful.

SWR said...

Atleast someone spoke!

rk said...

Don't fret. We shall watch the sexy domestic league between the Karachi dolphins (what a lie) and the Multani Halwaais OR if one really wants to push the envelope, corporate cricket between Habib Bank vs. Dalda Canola on the morose pitches of the country.

Yes! * punching fist through air*

Monkey said...

More like 'Geo To Kaisay'...the group has been part of more controversies in the past two years than Paris Hilton. As for cable operators' boycott...well those who had planned to watch have YouTube and those who didn't hadn't needed the ban. They wouldn't have watched anyway.

ReeBz said...

It was the best to boycott- as its our birth right to protest!
until and unless you dont consider yourself in the list of animals you should protest against such an insults of the whole nation!

anoop said...


Ya IPL thing was an insult. But, what Shahid afridi did to that ball is plain ass-fuckery.. Which act humiliates your nation more? Think about it..